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Destination America has announced that they have canceled their Documentary series Project Afterlife...

#ProjectAfterlife Cancelled, No Season Two :(

Project Afterlife is a relatively new series, which premiered on the Destination America Network in August of 2015. During each episode, the team investigates a couple of different stories of reported resurrection cases across the United States. This television show allows viewers to explores the intimate stories of near death experiences – which is a very intriguing topic for many people.

Can you tell me more about the premise of #ProjectAfterlife? 

Resurrection and near death experiences are two of the most fascinating topics for those who are interested in the paranormal or spiritual worlds. This television show gives viewers a taste of some of the world’s greatest mysteries. In this series, the investigation team is comprised of individuals who have all had their own personal encounters with near death experiences and resurrections that make them believers. When they receive a new case or story, the team makes sure to review all of the cases that are referred to them very thoroughly.

With each person who comes to them and tells them they had a near-death or resurrection based experience, the whole team investigates by reading through the case files, examining medical records and going to visit important locations that would be relevant in investigating the case at hand. The show also showcases interviews with doctors and family members to help them better understand the circumstances around the person’s death and any patterns that would be relevant to the case.

Who are the investigators on the resurrection team?

The investigators on the team come from a wide range of very diverse backgrounds. The members on the team include Johnny Clark (investigative filmmaker), Jesse Birkey (paramedic), Rodger Frievalt (ordained minister) and Sam Wagner (retired state trooper).

Johnny Clark’s background includes working as the main storyteller in the 2013 documentary film, Deadraiser, which includes the abilities of living human beings to raise people from the dead. The film has served as an inspirational point for Johnny, and since its release, he has continued to investigate a wide range of resurrection cases across the United States. He has worked with a different paranormal investigative team with people who share his same passion for the paranormal.

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Jesse Birkey’s resume is much different than Johnny Clark’s. Jesse has worked as a paramedic for a long time, but his entire perspective on the world changed back in 2009 when he played a part in a resurrection after praying for a patient to come back to life. Jesse has continued to work as a paramedic, but he works with a much different mindset these days than he used. He seeks to mix both prayer and medicine in his profession. He even wrote a book titled Life Resurrected: Extraordinary Miracles Through Ordinary People.

Rodger Frievalt is not a paramedic nor is he a filmmaker; he spends his days serving as an ordained minister. Rodger used to be extremely cynical and was quite skeptical of anything having to do with the paranormal or supernatural world. That is until he became too inspired by all of the tales of modern day “miracles” that he actually left his day job in sales to pursue a life as a minister and healing evangelist. He has had so many positive experiences (healing the blind and bringing a brain dead woman back in to waking consciousness), that his drive to do this work only becomes stronger every day.

Sam Wagner is a former state trooper. He served a stint with the United States Marine Corps and then worked on the state patrol in North Carolina for over fifteen years. Sam has some very personal life experiences, which have empowered his belief in resurrections including bringing a dead child back to life in his arms and then watching his

nephew come back to life after overdosing on drugs. Sam believes in every person’s innate power to bring human life back from the other side.

What else do I need to know about #PA? 

The show airs on the Destination America Network. It is produced by the company Screaming Flea Productions. Executive producers are Becara Gholom, Dave Severson, Mike Kelly for Screaming Flea Productions. For Destination America, Fay Yu and Christine Shuler serve as the executive producers.

Destination America decided to cancel the series, there will not be season 2. Stay tuned as we continue to monitor the future of Project Afterlife.

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1 year 1 month ago

Why is it that only the negative & the horrifying gets the most attention? The Investigative crime-ridden channels are stronger than ever. Paranormal investigating, a huge hit everywhere. Sadly, the inspirational, the positive, & most uplifting stories fall by the way side. If this world has a chance of changing, it’s got to start with the media execs. Why can’t we believe in happy endings again????

Garrett Devon Braggs
Garrett Devon Braggs
6 months 1 day ago

Here in the USA death is cut and dry. You die for good and either go to heaven and meet Jesus or you go to hell where suffering an eternity await you with Satan. Either that or the rest of the USA are atheist and believe that death leads to nothing.

It is a shame that subjects like discussing life after near death and reincarnation get dismissed rather quickly.

Josh Gates of Destination Truth and the many different Expedition Unknown series just started an Expedition Unknown series called Search For The Afterlife and after three episodes I will predict the shows cancellation before another season.

I am surprised his show about cryptozoology lasted beyond one season.

It seems people are more willing to believe in unknown creatures such as Bigfoot or they at least find the topic less taboo than near death stories.

Perhaps some day the topic will gain more interest but until then any attempt to broadcast the subject will fail.