‘Pretty Little Liars’ Confirms Final Premiere Date


Well this should make a lot of people happy! Pretty Little Liars just confirmed the date for their upcoming final season! April of next year will see the beginning of the end for the teen drama, as Freeform looks to move away from the long running show and into different territory. It’s been a long ride with a lot of soap opera turns for the show, but one that has been worth the wait. Here are some of the most memorable characters and why they’ll be missed.

Spencer Hastings and her weird relationship with Toby. Spencer was always the most mature girl in the group, but had the worst taste in men! While some people may have complained about the Ezra and Aria, Spencer and Toby were just next level nauseating!

Hanna Marin and her ‘Clueless’ persona. Easily the coolest girl in the group, Hanna was always a breath of fresh air even when things were down for everyone else. Not only was she refreshing and fun, she was also down for anything when it came to solving a mystery.

Alison DiLaurentis and her ability to ease into the cast. The series spent years talking about her death, and when they finally brought her into the established cast and story she blended in perfectly. It was like she never left! That shows just how tight knit the girls really were before all this took place, and really validated the story of them being friends.

And of course Aria and Emily will count as the characters that will be missed. Even if you’re not a fan of the show, it has still been a pretty interesting couple of years. Make it a point to give the show another shot if you haven’t, since you won’t be disappointed!

What was the best season of the show? How do you think it will all end?

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