‘Power’ Producer Plans To Kill Off Key Character


The Golden Globes just made an enemy out of 50 Cent after snubbing his show Power. The actor/executive producer went on an Instagram tirade that ended with him cursing out the awards show and claiming he will kill off the character he plays, Kanan.

His hissy fit wasn’t the first that was ever thrown involving the show. A mini feud earlier in the year involving a nude scene led to him in direct conflict with fellow executive producer Courtney Kemp. It was an embarrassing show for the star and the network he represented, although they did patch it up a bit later. As talented as he is, there is a really rough side to 50 Cent that hasn’t dulled over the years. Starz is placing a lot of stock in his ideas, and he has an overall deal with the network. Those ideas and even Power itself may be in danger, as he often threatens the very image of the network he is supposed to be representing.

Killing off Kanan wouldn’t be a bad idea for the show, as even diehard fans won’t miss the character since he has been completely removed from the main plotline. Since the finale of the second season when he miraculously escaped a near death at the hands of Ghost, the entire season three involved him drifting in the background before eventually kidnapping Ghost’s son near the season end. If you stripped out his entire story for the season from the main plotline, it wouldn’t change anything major.

When and if 50 Cent kills off Kanan, Starz may quietly celebrate. They would officially put the super talented 50 Cent behind the cameras while still having access to his creative works. It’s a win-win!

What do you think of the latest rant from 50 Cent? Will he end up costing Power trouble if he stays on the program?

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