‘Please Like Me’ Gets A Season 4!


Hulu has been hard at work getting exclusive streaming on demand rights to Australian comedy Please Like Me. They see a lot of potential in the series that has captivated millions globally. Along with the exclusive streaming rights they acquired, Hulu also gained access to a fourth season of the show! This was early and unexpected, and a very welcome treat to close out the year.

Previously the show aired on Participant Media’s Pivot network, but will not debut in the U.S. under the Hulu banner when the fourth season premieres next year. With the deal in place, Hulu gets all the back episodes and new episodes moving forward, solely on their streaming platform. Fans can look forward to six new episodes early next year, and since they fought so hard to bring the show over, future episodes will be coming along with it.

Created by Josh Thomas, it was also inspired by his real life and standup comedy routines. When Josh breaks up with his girlfriend, soon after he realizes that he is homosexual. The change in his life is sudden, so with the help of his ex-girlfriend Claire and best friend Tom he has to navigate this new phase of his life without falling apart. This includes exploring new relationships with the likes of Geoffrey and handling his family with their own quirks and problems. His mother is the biggest one, as her depression continually causes issues with Josh’s newfound lifestyle.

The show is truly something different with a charm that makes it fun to watch. There are also those dark dramatic moments that make you cringe, but not turn away. Please Like Me will be a welcome addition to the growing Hulu family.

What do you think about Hulu getting exclusive rights to the show? Is there another show like this on the air?

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