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‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’ To Be Remade For TV


Not even Australia is exempt from remakes, as Foxtel is in talks to remake the period drama film into a six part television series. The 1975 film was thrilling in its approach to mystery, and even though it was rated PG, had some very good dark moments.

A bunch of students and their teacher are out on a picnic but end up vanishing without a trace. In essence the movie is more about how the people deal with the lost students rather than how they find them. The original book was written by Joan Lindsay, and when it was adapted to the big screen by Cliff Green, they made some pretty awesome changes. A multiple award winning film, when it comes to television it will be produced by Fremantle Australia and broadcast on Foxtel.

Anyone that isn’t Australian probably hasn’t heard of the film, but it holds great significance in the area. Picnic at Hanging Rock was very important for laying down the groundwork for the modern Australian film industry, so the remake is highly anticipated. Even Screen Australia is financing part of the production, making this an extra special home treat.

Viewers outside of Australia won’t have a hard time following the story even though it is localized. After almost 50 years the basic elements of the story are intact, so this modernization of the film shouldn’t be too hard to pull off without screwing up the source material. The premiere date is set in 2017, and is already being considered must see television for people around the world. How far the reach of the show goes (along with the ratings) will be completely up to who they market it for.

What do you think about the television adaptation of Picnic at Hanging Rock? Did you enjoy the original movie or the book better?

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