Phylicia Rashad To Guest Star On ‘Empire’


Former Cosby star Phylicia Rashad has been cast as a guest star on the upcoming season three of Empire. The timeless actress has been in both iterations of the Cosby show and played his wife, but is also an underrated stage actress. She has had several low profile roles over the course of her career, with some of the standouts being Creed, Psyche, and A Different World.

She has done some really great voice work as Dee Dee Tubbs in The Cleveland Show and Brenda in Little Bill. Rashad has been one of those old time television actresses that has tirelessly worked for years, yet remains a bit behind the scenes. She has gained numerous awards over the years, and became the first African-American woman to win a Tony Award for best performance as a leading actress. Before Broadway went crazy with play revivals, she was killing it in A Raisin in the Sun.

Rashad’s new role on Empire will be a bit dialed back for her talents, yet will give her enough wiggle room to shine. Playing Diana Dubois, she will be the strong and powerful mother of Angelo Dubois. For that that can’t keep up with the millions of changes in the upcoming season, Angelo Dubois will be played by Taye Diggs and will be a young city councilman trying to work his way up legally. The problem with this is that his mother Diana wants more for him, allowing her ambition to cross lines that her son would never allow. It’s an interesting side story to the main plot and will be fun to see unfold. Along with the announcement of Mariah Carey being hired, Empire is stacking the deck for a strong third season.

What do you think of all of the new casting? Who would you like to see in a guest role?

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