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Channel 5 is yet to decide on the future of the Peppa Pig for Season 6

Release Date of #PeppaPig S6: To be announced

Snort! The Pigs Are Back!
Peppa Pig is the beloved cartoon that has been entertaining babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers, and adults, for more than a decade. With seasons being disbursed across many years, many countries, and translated into many languages, Peppa and her family have become household names everywhere.

Episodes are very short, usually around 5 minutes (perfect timespans for pre-schoolers), with some of the special episodes being a maximum of 15 minutes. Peppa, her baby brother George, Mummy and Daddy Pig, Grandma and Grandpa Pig, and a slew of other amazing characters create an entire universe that is parallel to our own; a world where a child can imagine jumping in muddy puddles being the best part of the day.

Every episode features a short story start to finish, narrated in a storybook style, as though the cartoon characters are moving illustrations on a page. The voices cast for all of the PP mammals are unforgettable and distinct, a characteristic which helps set this series apart from other cartoons which may be similar in format.

The show is both simple and entertaining as well as educating, teaching children the English language through action-oriented episodes. There is always a new verb being introduced, and while there are rarely words displayed on the screen, certain words are repeated enough times that a child from any native language can start to learn English with Peppa and her friends and family. Young children can also learn emotions and simple phrases easily with repetition.

IMDb voters rank PP at 6.7 out of 10 with over 1,450 votes cast. Most viewers find #PP adorable, and they comment about the cartoon being perfect for the short attention span of today’s youth and great for repeat play for language learning. Those who oppose the show, say it is misrepresentative of today’s youth, that Peppa is a whiney, spoiled brat and the family is closer to upper-class English, avoiding the ability to relate to people of other classes. Some parents just can’t stand Peppa’s voice, and find it grating on their nerves, and some even knock down the animation style for being unrealistic.

The first four seasons each have had 52 episodes, and at first #PP got a slow start in viewership back in the late 2000s. The popularity of this series has since exploded and now with a full merchandising franchise worldwide, and the show being translated into many languages, it is one of the most downloaded and streamed children’s shows of all time.

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A rumor surfaced in August 2016, that the producers of the show, Entertainment One, were being offered a takeover to move the series from Channel 5 to ITV. That rumor has since been dispelled, and season 5 of the show began airing on Channel 5 in October 2016.

The cartoon also airs on Nick Jr. in both the UK and the US, although new episodes are always featured on Channel 5 first. Parents can purchase DVDs of collections from past seasons, as well as purchase digital formats for every device.

The all new season 5 premiered on Channel 5 in the UK on October 24, 2016. New episodes air Monday through Friday at 8:15am. There hasn’t been any announcements about a sixth season or beyond, but this show and its characters are so immensely popular worldwide, it would be a shock if there were no more Peppa being made.

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