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People Magazine Investigates (Season 2) has been confirmed for Late 2017, we absolutely can't wait!

Release Date of #PMI S2: Late 2017

Investigative Journalism At Its Best!

People Magazine is America’s favorite weekly publication, and is well-known for its detailed investigative reporting on major true crime across the nation. From the highly publicized JonBenet Ramsey case, to seedy serial killings, there is no major crime that escapes the scrutiny of People’s journalists. It was about time for the publication to have a matching weekly television show to chronicle the infamous cases as never before seen.

Investigation Discovery’s newest show is produced by Radley Studios, an up-and-coming production house which combines amazing cinematography with stunning on-screen graphics to deliver shows such as The Department and ID’s Tabloid with Jerry Springer. Their website stated the following about People Magazine Investigates: “People’s take on crime is about heart-wrenching stories that are relevant, relatable, and ripped from the headlines. In collaboration with the incredible editorial team at People, we worked hard to translate these iconic stories to television. Utilizing emotional interviews, genuine archival footage, and cinematic recreations, we were able to bring the People brand to life, while maintaining the solid foundation of true-crime storytelling that ID viewers know and love.”

ID is kicking off a 10-episode first season with a 2-hour debut covering the Long Island serial killer, a string of brutal murders of young female escort workers which took place in 2010. There will also be a special JonBenet Ramsey 20-year anniversary episode on December 19, 2016. Some of the episodes present fresh evidence due to improvements in technology for forensic investigations of unsolved cases, some even 50 years old where DNA may be a determining factor in catching a serial killer.

There will be three after-shows on The People/Entertainment Weekly Network (PEN), where producers, editors, and subjects will discuss the stories and their involvement in the investigative journalism for episodes 1, 4, and 10. These after-shows are available on, or the PEN app on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku Players, Xumo, iOS and Android devices, and Chromecast.

Initial Viewership Looking Great!

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Season 1 premiered on November 7, 2016, with the 2-hour special debut. The initial hour at 9pm on Investigation Discovery earned a demo rating of 0.25 with 0.995 million people watching. The second hour gained a tenth of a point, ending up at 0.26 with 0.964 million viewers. The show was simulcasted on TLC where it earned a 0.08 demo rating for the first hour with 0.32 million viewers, and a 0.10 rating for the second hour with 0.37 million watching.

It’s clear that #PMI is at home on Investigation Discovery. The following week, the show was only broadcasted on ID for its normal 60-minute format, and it earned a nice boost in both rating and viewership, earning a 0.35 demo rating with 1.24 million viewers. That is amazing growth for this budding show, and it those numbers hold steady or climb, a second season renewal seems definite. While Investigation Discovery has yet to officially announce the future of this show, it would be a shock if it were cancelled.

PMI airs on Monday nights at 10pm ET on Investigation Discovery.

Have you caught an episode of this new true crime investigation series? What do you think of the

format of the show and the dynamic graphics? Did the series hold your attention start to finish?

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Alongside with s1 finale renewal announcement arrived (about time!): #PMI received a full 10-episode second season!

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