‘Pawn Stars’ Gets Attacked By The Writers Guild


There is the Voice Actors strike going on in the video game industry. Then of course there is Gabrielle Union and the entire Mary Jane production suing BET for breach of contract. At this point you’d think that people would be on their p’s and q’s when it comes to worker pay.

Several members from the Writers Guild of America are picketing Leftfield Entertainment and ITV networks due to low pay rates. This is a very, very big deal when you consider everyone that is involved. They are claiming the salaries are pitifully low, with associate producers making $800 for a 60 hour work week. It’s an insanely low amount for any worker and those hours, with many of them being stressed out by weeks end. Leftfield Entertainment is a huge reality television provider for several networks, so once the investigations begin with the rest of their programs this could turn into a disaster.

The workers are also claiming they don’t get overtime pay, bad health care plans, little or no time off and are even subject to hazardous work conditions. Anger is growing among the many in the crowd, leading many to wonder why this hasn’t been brought to light sooner. ITV has already dismissed it all, claiming the WGAE is simply lying about all of the listed conditions.

This could very well be a play for more money, with tons of exaggeration from the side of the workers. A fun tactic to use before starting negotiations, but one that has ticked off ITV in the worst possible way. They did manage to have a little fun with their response to the WGAE by plugging the Cheesecake Factory, so it isn’t all bad.

Will this strike end up destroying Pawn Stars and other related shows? What do you think about the strike?

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