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‘Patient Zero’ Gets The Boot


Seriously NBC? With Patient Zero set for a February 17th release, NBC has pulled the plug on developing the series. This is pretty bad news, as Patient Zero would have been a worthy competitor to the juggernaut known as The Walking Dead. There is about one other zombie show on television worth watching besides that, and no, it isn’t Fear The Walking Dead.

If the premise and format look familiar, it is because it comes from Graham Moore and Marc Forster, with the former being involved in the brilliant World War Z. With NBC axing the series, this also affects Sky U.K. since they were co-developing the series and all ten episodes. Patient Zero was about a woman that starts experience strange symptoms, many of which lead to her being the center of a global epidemic. Bringing those she loves down with her, she spirals close to the brink of insanity along with the world around her.

When NBC ordered this straight to series on May 2015, many were ready to see something different. They even managed to get a really good cast lined up for the show, with Matt Smith, Natalie Dormer, Stanley Tucci, Clive Standen and John Bradley as the stars. NBC has been going a bit crazy with the pickups and cancellations, with Emerald City not only getting canceled, but picked back up and retooled.

No palatable explanation has been given on why the network decided to crush a series millions were waiting for. There is a good chance their answer will only anger fans, so it’s best to sit this one out. For the time being, if you want a quality outbreak drama, then stick to The Walking Dead.

Why do you think NBC cancelled the series before it even aired? What other zombie or outbreak drama is must see television?

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