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Syfy has yet to officially confirm the fate of Paranormal Witness Season 6

Release Date of #ParanormalWitness S6: To be announced

Everyone loves a good ghost story. We’re suckers for them when kids, and enjoy them in movies as adults. And what we like most of all are those that have some truth to them, coming from the mouth of the person who lived it. Paranormal Witness provides us exactly that service: an hour long, in-depth look at the paranormal experiences of everyday folk, with high-quality re-enactments to complement their tale.

And in early August fans were treated to a new round of the scary and the spooky, with the show’s 5th season beginning on SyFy. While the channel is normally more renowned for its science fiction and space-themed series, it gives us a good dose of the shivers with this series.

The upcoming episode is The Ranch, which will air this Wednesday at 10pm. A family moves into a dream ranch, hoping to start a new life together in an idyllic and picturesque environment. However, they quickly learn about the place’s dark and terrifying history, and things take a turn for the worse as they end up getting much more than they bargained for. Also in the episode will be encounters with wolf-like creatures trying to make the homeowners scram for their lives.

If you’ve been keeping up with the series, you will know this is the general theme of the stories. Other fantastic episodes include The Real Conjuring, where the Perron family give their account of their experiences of moving into their new house in 1971 and leaving several years later, upon which all family members experienced countless paranormal events. The paranormal investigators the Warrens entered the house, and the rest is the story upon which the film The Conjuring is based. That episode aired in the fourth season.

Or, for the wackier story, episodes like The Abduction tell of UFO abductions as told by those claiming to have experienced them. Then there are tales of haunted restaurants, cabins, as well as family members and restless spirits coming back to fulfil unsatisfied desires from their life before death. You want it, #ParanormalWitness has got it.

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Even if you are sceptical of the stories being told by the alleged witnesses, the show is an entertaining and at times pretty terrifying spectacle. If you love the adrenaline of a tense scene with the build-up-then-shock formula, then you will have a field day watching PW. SyFy has not reneged on quality with this series, and horror fans should look no further for the Wednesday night thrills.

And if you don’t want to take my word for it, head over to IMDB and you will see the show has a fantastic 7.9 rating. While that might be only a decent or passable rating for a drama, for a horror series like #PW you might as well add on a whole digit or two, as the reviewers on those sites tend to be very sceptical of the true horror genre, labelling it cheesy, tacky, dishonest or sensationalist. But it’s clear that it has been well-received both in the online community, as well as from its viewers as the series now has five seasons under its belt in a five years run.

Do you have any

paranormal stories that you would like to make part of the show? What do you think of the stories being told? Do you watch it for entertainment value or because you are intrigued by the tales of ghosts and hauntings?

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9 months 5 days ago

If this show is cancelled it will be the biggest mistake EVER!! It is hands down the BEST paranormal show out there, period. No other paranormal show can hold a candle to Paranormal Witness (and no, not freakin’ Ghost Adventures, REALLY!!) and the only one that comes remotely close is, “A Haunting”. Please don’t do it, DO NOT CAN THIS SHOW, SERIOUSLY!!

8 months 15 days ago


8 months 2 days ago

Please Don’t cancel the show!!!
It’s the best paranormal show out.
I’m utterly obsessed and I’ve been a fan since day 1.
All the REAL actual event paranormal shows are getting canceled and the stupid fake ghost adventure type of shows are popping up. Who is watching that crap???

4 months 3 days ago

Please do not cancel Paranormal Witness…I love it.