Paget Brewster Returns To ‘Criminal Minds’


But did she ever really leave? The much loved Paget Brewster will reprise her role as Emily Prentiss, and not just as a guest star. She is set to appear in multiple episodes during the season, and with her veteran status on the show they may as well just count her as a main recurring character.

Brewster left the show at the end of the 7th season, putting in work for 6 straight seasons as the strong willed Prentiss. She had plans to move into half hour comedies, something that she was passionate about. For the most part, she did okay, and even while pursuing her comedy dreams she made appearances on Criminal Minds when she needed them. Brewster appeared in the 200th episode of the series and also the last episode of season 11. So it’s only natural that they’re easing her back into the 12th season.

She will make her appearance when the BAU gets swamped by a case involving 13 escaped serial killers. Besides that being a horrifying thought if it happened in real life, it also works as a common sense way to get her back into the fold. With Shemar Moore leaving, they’ve essentially brought a regular back that should ease the pain if their new additions don’t work out. Brewster’s schedule is wide open after ‘Grandfathered’ ended, and she has been more vocal about a return to Criminal Minds than anyone on the staff. She even tweeted at her followers how excited she was to be back on the show.

Burning bridges is not a good thing in the business of Hollywood, and Brewster shows what can happen when you leave on good terms. Her casting is a welcome addition to the show, and will give it a nice boost during the 12th season.

How do you feel about her return? Do you think she will fit in without a problem?


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