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TLC is yet to decide on the future of the Our Little Family for Season 3

Release Date of #OLF S3: To be announced

Our Little Family is a reality series airing on TLC. The series first aired in February 2015 and has seen two seasons so far. The series revolves around the lives of the Hamills, who all live with dwarfism. The series has yet to be renewed for a third season at this time.

What It’s About?

The series features Dan and Michelle Hamill and their three children, Jack, Cece, and Cate. The entire family has a form of dwarfism called achondroplasia. The Hamills are determined to make sure that their kids grow up happy with themselves. The series takes viewers inside the lives of the family for all the ups and downs of raising three kids from potty training to holiday celebrations and everything in between.

Where We Left Off?

In the season finale for season 2, titled Small Talk, the most memorable moments from both seasons 1 and 2 are revisited. Viewers’ questions are answered. The kids’ uncle makes a surprise visit. Dan and Michelle find out how much they know about each other with a little game.

What’s Next?

The series has not been renewed for a third season yet. The series has done very well with viewers for both seasons so it looks like a very likely candidate for renewal. There’s nothing to be too concerned about just yet as the second season only finished up in October. An announcement about a renewal is likely forthcoming.

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Since we don’t have an announcement yet about a renewal for the series, it is very difficult to say what might be happening on a new season of the series. With it being a reality show, there is really no way of predicting what will happen next until we get further information about the new season. Once we have confirmation that the new season is in the works and we have an idea of when it will be released, then we can start to form some ideas about what might take place in the third season. Without knowing when the series is likely to start filming again it is almost impossible to guess at what will be happening in the future of the show.

We also don’t have any information about when the series is likely to come back on air. Judging by the first season, it is likely to return around February 2016. That means that they will likely begin filming soon if it has not already begun for the third season. If we are to get a new season around that time the episodes will likely cover the Christmas season and all of the mayhem that is associated with Christmas time with small children. It’s possible that filming is already underway and that the third season will cover an earlier time frame but there is no way to know until we get an announcement from the network telling us that the show is returning for certain and when we are likely to see it back on. Check back with us to stay up to date on the latest news.

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Rebecca Ledee
Rebecca Ledee
4 months 13 days ago

I have watched Our Little Family since it aired. I can’t believe that people want to cancel the show. Please keep me posted.

Dawn loffler
Dawn loffler
4 months 3 days ago

I know!!! I love it too !!!!

Dawn loffler
Dawn loffler
4 months 3 days ago

I love this family!! They are amazing!!! Pleeeaaasse have another season!!

3 months 2 days ago

Please return this family. They are amazing to watch. Great parenting. And Jack is so funny.