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Production has begun on Season 3 of Our Girl! The series is set to premiere in 2017

Release Date of #OurGirl S3: 2017

BBC One’s Our Girl is a drama set along the backdrop of the UK’s military and that country’s involvement in war efforts abroad. The show isn’t political and doesn’t take sides other than a general humanitarian stance on the turmoil in the vast world south of the European continent. Season 1 is set in Afghanistan and season 2, with a different cast, takes us to Kenya. As of now, the two are quite different, with the first season heavier on drama and the second ramping up the action.

In the first season, our hero Molly Dawes is a down-and-out Londoner with limited prospects who decides to join the military as a combat medic. This show does not attempt to make any statements regarding the righteousness of the war, the trials of women in the military, or redemption through service. The show is rather an easily digestible smoothie of action, drama, and romance. Her superiors don’t believe in her abilities, but plucky Molly proves herself and adapts to military life, surviving some tough situations. On the side, gets herself involved in a love triangle with some cute guys as well. It is Top Gun reincarnated. Or, if you prefer a more esoteric reference from the catalogue of 80’s cinema, it is Iron Eagle.

Season 2 follows a completely different storyline. Georgie is, again, an army medic, but no newbie. Moving briskly, she is captured by terrorists in the second episode and is rescued by her old flame Elvis, who also happens to be the dashing head of the special forces unit. As of the last episode of season 2, Georgie is back home in jolly old England and considering leaving the army. Do you think she’ll go through with it? Do you think she’ll be able to forgive Elvis and give him another chance? Would you feel sorry for Jamie, who looks like he’s going to get the axe when she decides to go back to Elvis?

Despite the disjointed storyline between season 1 and season 2, it looks like Britons are enamored with #OurGirl and its steamy take on Britain’s foreign adventures.  The show is a strong performer, consistently bringing in over 5 million viewers according to BARB. While critics aren’t looking at it too much on the internet (it has only one review on IMBD and doesn’t so much as have a Rotten Tomatoes page), the fan activity has been positive. IMBD users peg it at around 8 and its popularity is very near the top of the list, near the current top 100 television shows.

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The staff in charge of the show isn’t in a bed of roses with the audience, though. Many fans are livid at the revelation that apparently Molly and Charles’ wedding wasn’t shown on TV. There are even some rumors that this unfulfilled desire is a tactic to whet peoples’ appetites for an upcoming big ceremony where Elvis and Georgie can look past their turbid history and tie the knot. Are you one of the people who’s still hoping to see a big wedding in the show? Do you think

it’ll happen by the finale of season 2?

BBC is being somewhat coy about announcing the possibility of future seasons of the show. There is no consistent pattern of releases between season 1 and season 2. If you want to be informed of the renewal of season 3 or cancellation of the show, then subscribe to our email alerts below. You’ll get an email on the future of #OG as soon as we hear about it. 

Michelle Keegan will be returning to Our Girl in 2017 for the third series. BBC One renewed the show even after the shakeup of lead actress Lacey Turner leaving. Keegan has been carrying the show since and doing a wonderful job.

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