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CBBC is yet to decide on the future of the Operation Ouch! for Season 6

Release Date of #OperationOuch S6: To be announced

Making Biology Seem Fun to Learn!
Twin brothers and doctors Chris and Xand van Tulleken guide children through the inner and outer worlds of the human body on Operation Ouch! During the 30 minute episodes, the doctors explore how certain body parts function, and sometimes visit hospitals and ERs to investigate real injuries and discuss with their audience how they might heal.

The high entertainment value comes from the twin doctors being more than willing to look totally silly for the sake of great television. They do things like wear goofy outfits to illustrate ideas, and present their own waste products to testing and scrutiny in the lab (gross, but scientifically interesting).

Geared towards 8-12 year old kids, this show also features segments in various places where medicine is practiced, such as the X-Ray room, processing lab, operation rooms, waiting rooms, in the ambulance, visiting patiences homes, and of course, in the ER. The technical and medical information outlines human biology in an effort to get kids interested in caring for the body at a young age. If they know how and why it works the way it does, maybe they will want to take better care of it as they age.

This British series began airing in 2012 and was so popular on CBBC that ABC Australia picked up the series and began airing it in 2013, but always one season behind the UK.

IMDb voters rank the show at 8.9 out of 10 with over 20 votes cast. That is extremely high for a children’s show. Viewers have commented about the series being interestingly informative, paced perfectly for young minds, and very digestible. Parents seem to enjoy the show as much as their kids do, and being able to learn together makes television even more exciting.

Season 5 premiered on October 31, 2016. So far, this new season has shown a surgery to repair a leaky bone graft, explored how the eardrum really works, demonstrated what it takes to be a successful hospital porter, and the twin doctors answered why the human body cannot live without oxygen for more than 3 minutes.

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Unfortunately, there isn’t any viewership data available for this series at this time. It has been widely popular with parents and kids, so as long as the twin doctors enjoy making this educational show, there will likely be a sixth season announced in the future.

#OO season 5 airs on Mondays at 5pm on CBBC in the UK. Episodes are also available through the BBC iPlayer on mobile devices.

In Australia, the series currently airs season 4 on Mondays at 4:30pm on ABC ME, and is available to stream on the ABC iview app.

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