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The Fifth season of the Educational series Operation Ouch! was originally broadcast on October 31, 2016

S5 Started October 31, 2016

Operation Ouch! is a strong performer in the children’s educational television branch of the BBC, CBBC. In format, it is a variety show much like Bill Nye the Science Guy, presenting several short and often unrelated segments about the human body. It seems the producers had little faith in the attention span of the target audience, as none of these sketches are more than a few minutes long. If they roll along for too much time, such as when an emergency room problem doesn’t have a single solution, they are broken up into several segments at appropriate cliffhanger points. The sketches range wildly in focus and content, but you can expect to see at least trips to the emergency room, scientific experiments related to the human body, and slapstick interludes involving the two brothers at the helm.

Chris and Xand van Tulleken  are the amiable twin doctors who host the show. They play the parts of silly comic relief and wise medical experts at once. They hold up the comedic parts of the show very well without the need of puppets or teenage sidekicks, as was wont to happen in the 90’s with such science-related shows as Billy Nye or Zoboomafoo. Just like the zoologists in Zoboomafoo, though, these doctors become the friendly and welcoming face to the often harrowing field of medicine.

With interesting skits, a rapid-fire style that never allows for a dull moment, expert use of drama, and the comedic talents of the two leaders, it is no surprise that #OperationOuch is a hit that has lasted 4 seasons already – impressive for a children’s show. It is also widely praised by the internet community, garnering almost a 9.0 out of 10 on IMDb. Such a rating is difficult to come by for any television series. For a children’s show, it is especially out of place, as the adults likely to vote on IMDb may either find them too silly or too dull. Ouch! deftly escapes such pitfalls and manages to be interesting and energetic without being too silly and universal in tone without being simplistically dull.

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Viewer ratings for #OO haven’t been released, but if the quality of the show, both in terms of entertainment value and educational content, is so good, then chances are good that it will get more seasons. This is the fourth season it has aired in a row. It is likely that we will see at least a few seasons more of it. Once the official word gets out, we’ll become privy to it and pass the knowledge

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What do you think of OO? Do you think it’s entertaining for adults as well as children? Do you think it’s effective at teaching about the medical field? What is your favorite segment on the show? Write us your opinions down below.

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