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No decision has been made as to when production of Open Heart Season 2 will resume

Release Date of #OpenHeart S2: To be announced

Anyone who likes a hospital drama with romance, lies and a lot of mystery may want to check out Open Heart which aired from January of this year on TeenNick. The series is from creators Chris Pozzebon and Ramona Barckert with production from Marblemedia and Epitome Pictures.

What’s It All About?

#OpenHeart focuses on the life of Dylan Blake, a 16 year old, who following the disappearance of her father, gets in with the wrong crowd. This leads to her getting arrested and she is then given an order to volunteer working at the OH Memorial. This is also the hospital where her sister and mother work as they are doctors. It is also the hospital where her grandparents are benefactors and board members and also the last place where her father was seen before he went missing.

What’s Been Happening?

2n 1 episode 1 aired on January 20, 2015 and viewers were introduced to Dylan who is sent to work at the #OH hospital where she learns some secrets about the disappearance of her father. At the same time we were introduced to the grandparents who want to do everything possible to bring the whole family back together.
Throughout the season we found out that there was footage taken of her father on tape when he went missing and she wanted to find it. Jane also planned on telling her daughters about the relationship she has been keeping secret. Dylan went through clues found in the storage room and then staked out the loft of her dad and then followed up on a note that she received before meeting with a caller who said they had information about Richard. The season came to an end on March 31, 2015 with episode 12.
So are we going to see a season 2 and if so when can we expect it to arrive on our screens?

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What’s In Store?

At the moment we haven’t heard anything about whether we will see a season 2 of OH. If you want to be among the first to know if and when a season 2 is coming our way you can sign up for notifications and it takes just a single click.
The writer of #OpenHeart took inspiration from several earlier TV shows that Barckert enjoyed, with one of them being Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Another was Veronica Mars and the writer of the show said that she could see Dylan Blake being a modern day version of either Veronica or Buffy. To make sure that the narrative of the TV series was strong eight scripts were written by the writing staff before production went ahead. This helped them to focus on any weaknesses and strengths. The same may apply to season 2 and this could be one reason why we haven’t yet heard anything about a new series.

What Are The Top 3 Outstanding Episodes?
  • Episode 4 was among the most outstanding episodes when Dylan along with Wes investigated an origami note that had been hidden in the watch of Richard. A patient is treated and looks into the disappearance of Dylan’s dad.
  • Episode 8 was another favorite when Dylan plotted a break in with old friends.
  • Episode 10 was also popular as Dylan met up with a caller who claimed
    to have some information about Richard.
Trivia and Facts
  • Did you know that #OH comes from the same producer that gave us the Degrassi hit TV show?
  • Did you know that Dylan Everett, Jacob Neayem and Justin Kelly worked together during the 12th season of the TV show Degrassi?

Have you enjoyed watching Open Heart and would you like to see a season 2 come our way? Let us know your thoughts on the series in the comments section.

UPDATED February 26, 2016

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