‘One Day At A Time’ Releases Interesting Trailer


There’s no turning back now! Netflix has released the first trailer for their reboot One Day at a Time, based on the sitcom of the same name by Norman Lear. It ran from 1975-1984, and is considered a very popular sitcom even by today’s standards. But the reboot monster is hungry and needs victims, and has claimed its latest it seems.

On the plus side Lear is involved with the project as an executive producer, so he is helping to guide the creative efforts of the new show. The problem is that the new show has absolutely nothing in common with the original, and it’s baffling why they would even call it a reboot. From the look of the trailer, the show looks good and could stand on its own without the original branding of One Day At A Time. So why didn’t they just release it as its own show?

The new One Day at a Time is about a multi-generational Cuban-American family living under the same roof. Cuban-born mom Lydia is stubborn and all about her old school ways. Her daughter Penelope is a military-veteran single mom that is constantly trying to connect with her two children, Elena and Alex. Throughout it all, building manager Schneider will make appearances here and there to check up on the family and butt into their business.

It has all the makings of a good sitcom, but not one that should be labeled a soulless reboot. That alone is already scaring a lot of potential viewers away from a really funny series, so when the January 6th premiere comes around numbers may be lower than expected. Thankfully Netflix is not as cancel happy as other networks, or at least not yet!

Why do you think they made this show a reboot? Will it gain enough fans to get a second season?

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