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Nowhere To Hide Season 3? Fate still up in the air

Release Date of #NowhereHide S3: To be announced

Everyone loves the detective character. Headstrong, determined, a lone wolf, and a slave to their job. Nowhere to Hide allows us an insight into this very profile, following the renowned private investigator Steven Rambam.

Rambam joins the Investigation Discovery network to recount numerous past cases he investigated, giving viewers never before seen insights into the life of a private detective and the people he pursues with vigour. His particular specialty has always been disappearances that the police couldn’t get to the bottom of, as well as criminals like scammers and fraudsters, who state police often don’t bother hunting.

And there are some high profile cases in his repertoire. For example, in the episode Kiss and Run from the first season, Rambam helps out the iconic rock band Kiss to track down their manager who declared bankruptcy and then ran away with a whole lot of money that belonged to the band. A classic tale of a fraudulent manager trying to take advantage of his clients.

One of the world’s most renowned in his field, Rambam runs his own licensed investigative firm that has offices worldwide and has participated in investigations in over 50 countries and all over the United States, called Pallorium Inc. Originally from New York, Rambam is a Brooklyn-born hard man from the street, whose tough urban upbringing seasoned him well for his role as a detective.

The show debuted in August 2014, and its second season ended in 2015, with six episodes each. Some of these include Family Funk, where the fate of a family depends on Rambam’s ability to locate a missing husband, or Grave Secrets the story of a 30-year unsolved murder mystery in Mexico that transcends national borders. The show is produced by giants Cineflix and Alex Bystram is the executive producer, while Liz Massie is his shadow at Investigation Discovery, who have praised the show.

Investigation Discovery Group president called Rambam a combination of Batman and Superman. He explains the appeal of the show is that not only does everyone love a huge chase for a criminal and his eventual capture, these are not only real life but have all the gritty details and brutal honesty that the movies often skimp out on.

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And fans have certainly appreciated it for these aspects, as it boasts a phenomenal 8.7 rating on IMBD, based on 29 ratings. Fans have praised it for its high profile cases, including the infamous Kiss episode which was a huge success, its honesty and rawness, as well as the variety of cases explored. As determined private investigators who love what they do there is no case Rambam or his firm will not take.

Investigations that Rambam has been part of, and that you can expect for the third season when it is announced are foreign-insurance fraud related inquiries; homicides investigations that surpass state or national boundaries; fugitives on the run; embezzlement and defrauding cases; as well as the fascinating pursuits of Nazis. After World War II, to escape trial and possible execution many high-ranking Nazi officers fled Europe for safe havens. Look out for episodes retailing Rambam’s pursuit of criminals that span the world and the 20th


Catch up with all 12 episodes so far on Amazon while we wait for the new season announcement.

What high profile kinds of cases would you like to see in the new season? Someone in show business defrauding clients and subsequently on the run? A fugitive suspected of murder trying to escape justice by leaving the USA? Rambam’s career itinerary is both expansive and exhaustive, so there is plenty left that could make for great viewing. 

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jonh sokoloski
jonh sokoloski
8 months 15 days ago

LISTEN PLEASE!!!! LISTEN WHEN I SAY, NOWHERE TO HIDE IS ONE OF THE BEST IF NOT THE BEST SHOWS ON AMAZON PRIME TV….. its got 5 stars for a reason. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL THIS SHOW. AND DO SEASON 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10………. and so on so we can all be entertained by Steven Rambam what a great guy and a great show…. IM SO LOOKING FORWARD TO THE NEW SEASON 3. Please let me know!