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A Eighth season of Not Going Out began airing on January 13, 2017

S8 Started January 13, 2017

The beloved British comedy sitcom not going out is about Lee Mack, a man with no dreams in his late thirties that’s nothing more than a layabout with no motivation in life. If he is not looking for work and barely staying with it, he’s at the pub. His best friend Tim Adams is a successful accountant that is one of the few people that knows how to handle Lee, and despite their differences, they share the same bad luck in life.

The one bright spot in Lee’s life is his obsession with Tim’s sister, Lucy. Although she enjoys his company, his lack of life skills may prevent him from every being her type. Can Lee overcome all the odds and find a little bit of happiness in this otherwise hopeless world?


The show was cancelled by the BBC while still in the middle of the 3rd series which was airing in 2009. It looked like Not Going Out would meet the same fate as “Firefly” despite being a critical and cult success, but the decision was later reversed and the show was allowed to continue as is.

The DVD sales continued to be strong during the cancellation and rabid fans went online to sign a petition to get the show back on the air. This is one of the few shows that have been brought back from the dead in such a way, and it’s quite luck at that.

Lee Mack

Lee Mack is a stand-up comedian who created and stars as the title character in #GoingOut. He also serves as team captain on the show “Would I Lie to You?” and hosts the show “Duck Quacks Don’t Echo”. His hosting and guest duties don’t end there as he’s made appearances on “Have I Got News For You” and “Never Mind the Buzzcocks”.

He has maintained a strong media presence since winning the “So You Think You’re Funny” contest at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. This also includes hosting his own radio show titled “The Lee Mack Show” which airs on BBC Radio 2.

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The Story So Far

It would have been nice to Have actor Tim Vine come back for the latter part of the series to reprise his role as best friend Tim Adams, especially since Lee and Lucy are getting married. Alas, we have to deal with Frank and his shenanigans in trying to get Lee wasted, which works at the worst time on the day before Lee’s wedding.

Lucy’s father Geoffrey isn’t amused at all, but once again I reiterate- why didn’t they bring back Tim! Despite the stupidity of Lee, the gang has to work together and make sure that Lee makes it to the church on time so he can finally get married and settle down.

Series 8

There still isn’t word on a series 8, not because it’s being cancelled, but because there are time obligations with the shows creator. Lee has said that personally he is not too sure about a series 8 and

was leaning more towards a spinoff of the series since the characters were married.

There will most likely be a series 8 and it should premiere by October 2016. Make sure to check out the Christmas special this year on December 24th, 2015.

Do you think the show should end now that the main characters are married? And do you miss Tim Vine being on the show, especially during the wedding when he would’ve been comedy gold?

Season eight of Not Going Out will air on January 13th! BBC One has been keeping a close eye on the comedic show as Lee and friends continue to gain fans rather than lose them.

UPDATED August 25, 2016

Awesome news! Lee Mack has confirmed that in response the the fantastic reception the one of Christmas special got, 'Not Going Out' will be returning for an eighth season. The sitcom is now BBC One's longest running comedy. The brand new season is set to return in 2017.

UPDATED March 27, 2016

Great news for all you Lee Mack fans out there! The funny man returns for an eigth season of BBC sitcom 'Not Going Out' and even better - Sally Bretton and Hugh Dennis will also return to reprise their roles. The news has not actually been confirmed officially by BBC, but tickets were issued for script read-throughs held in London last week. There is some speculation over whether the series will be released as season 8 or as a sequel show since Mack expressed a desire to fast forward a few years to where he and Lucy have children making it more of a family orientated show. Now that the read-throughs have been held, expect an official announcement from BBC on what is happening!

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