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Animal Planet is yet to decide on the future of the North Woods Law: Washington State for Season 4

Release Date of #NWLWS S4: To be announced

The Name Has Changed, But The Show’s The Same.

The show formerly known as Rugged Justice has a new name and a new attitude. The same Washington Fish and Wildlife Law Enforcement heroes from Rugged Justice are featured on the now-titled North Woods Law: Washington State.

The original North Woods Law starred the Pine State of Maine, but there were some disputes with the Game Wardens in that state with the production company, and the show may be ending after seven successful seasons.

Perhaps that’s why Rugged Justice made the transition into the North Woods Law franchise, and the timing is perfect. Despite the name change, ratings and fans may still know it by its original title, but they are hoping to see a change in the show’s format as well.

Viewers in the Evergreen State have been enjoying the showcasing of their beautiful landscapes on this series, showing the super-green and dense forests of the western region, to the dry and desert-like flatlands of the east. The production crew at Shark Teeth Films have made a point of capturing the diversity and gorgeous vastness across the entire state.

However many have commented over the years about the desire for the Washington version to be closer to the Maine version of North Woods Law. They wanted to see more about the nature, the animals, and the environment that is served and protected by the WDFW, rather than the typical COPS-style busts of drunk hunters and marijuana growers.

They might just get their wish as the series makes the transition more clear to viewers. IMDb voters rank Rugged Justice at 8.1 out of 10 with 40 votes cast. That’s really high for a nature reality show. Season 3 featured plenty of cold busts of poachers and illegal trappers along the coast, but perhaps season 4 will lean more toward the assistance the WDFW provides to the wildlife, since this show is aired on Animal Planet. Some may argue that these natural law enforcers do care for wildlife, by stopping the wild humans that take their zealousness for hunting a little too far.

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Season 3 premiered on August 25, 2016, and earned a demo rating of 0.12 with 0.53 viewers watching. This season was shorter than the second, with the network scaling the number of episodes back down to six, like the first season, as opposed to the ten episode second season. The finale aired on September 29, 2016, with a demo rating of 0.13 and 0.49 million viewers watching.

While Animal Planet has not made any official announcements about the future of this series, keep an eye out for its new title being talked about sometime in 2017, as this popular series is not likely getting cancelled anytime soon. With the North Woods Law franchise opening up, there are eleven more northern border states that this show could feature.

Rugged Justice airs on Thursday nights at 10pm ET on Animal Planet. Individual episodes and full seasons are also available to purchase for download from the iTunes Store.

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