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No Activity Season 3? Fate still up in the air

Release Date of #NoActivity S3: To be announced

Cops and detectives sometimes can be glamorized in Hollywood, making their professions seem like something way more exciting than they are. No Activity is the hilarious alternative, proving that sometimes not much happens while they’re on the beat.

Already in its second season, the show follows Patrick Brammall as detective Hendy and Darren Gilshenan as detective Stokes while they wait it out on long and boring stake-outs, bantering boundlessly over coffee.

The end of the first season had Hendy and Stokes miss their cue for a raid at a drug house due to their meaningful mochas distracting them. This new season picks up with the two, once again, waiting in the car outside of the home of a rich couple who have been reported missing (played by Rose Byrne and Damon Herriman). Every so often they check in with patrollers Carol and April (Genevieve Morris and Harriet Dyer), but the mostly mundane dialog never lets up.

There are some new faces this season with Chum Ehelepola and Anthony Hayes playing the goofy bad-guy-kidnappers who definitely contribute their fair share of wit. Also, two new officers are on the force, with the super-fan of roller-derby dispatcher, Anousha (Susie Youssef), and the ‘been-there-done-that’ elder detective, Rainer (Kim Gyngell).

The series is created by an Australian production company called Jungle, the same team responsible for putting out the holiday hit, A Moody Christmas. The writer and director of #NA, Trent O’Donnell, worked directly with stars Brammall and Gilshenan when developing the show.

This series is the first Australian original program for Stan to produce (currently one of only two originals), and it appears to be doing quite well. While Stan is a fairly new streaming service, with just over 330,000 subscribers to date, they have plenty of room for growth and are a strong competition for Netflix (who currently has over 1.8 million subscribers in Australia).

#NA has a killer cast and is hilarious enough that the potential to attract viewers to Stan is highly likely. The show has already been nominated for a Logie and can only keep gaining more notoriety. IMDb voters have ranked the series at a very high 8.1 out of 10 with nearly 200 votes cast, which is a phenomenal start for such a new series.

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Jason Burrows, Managing Director of Jungle and Executive Producer of this series, said: “We all totally love this show and are really excited about the second season. Working with Stan has been an absolute joy and we’re so glad that it’s been such a success for them.” 

Stan has not released any viewership data for this series, but with such positive response from critics, viewers, and fans, #NoActivity looks like it will be here for a while. There haven’t been any official announcements from the streaming service about a third season renewal yet, and, happily, no mention of cancelation either.

On October 26, 2016, all episodes of NA season 2 were made available for streaming on Stan.

What do you think about the performances of Brammall and Gilshenan? Do you find the overall

comedic style of the series super hilarious? Who would you like to see as a recurring guest star in future seasons?

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4 months 28 days ago

The Aussie verosion was hilarious. Why no season 3? Devastated.