Nina Dobrev Books A Guest Role On ‘Workaholics’


Making the jump from teen supernatural thriller to comedy is not easy, but Nina Dobrev is going to make it happen. This will be Dobrev’s first major role since leaving Vampire Diaries, so prepare for a lot of fans to glue themselves to the screen for this guest appearance.

She has already began tweeting videos while on set, leading a lot of people to favorite and retweet the photos. A fun loving actress that loves to play pranks, her chemistry is already oozing off of the set with the people behind the cameras and in front. This is exactly the type of chemistry that The Vampire Diaries is missing as it finishes out its final season. So will she ever unretired and come back to her old show?

Currently her character on Vampire Diaries is in a supernatural coma (huh?) which allows creative direction when it comes to bringing her back. So when the time comes, they can always bring her directly back into the storyline. But beyond a cameo, it’s highly doubtful. CW president Mark Pedowitz has at least had talks with Dobrev about coming back for the final season, and admits she was a huge part of the Vampire Diaries cast. Yet it seems the actress has moved on to bigger and better things, and can even be seen in the new movie xXx: Return of Xander Cage.

She will also be an important member of Sony’s Flatliners, so her star is bright. Going back to her old show seems unlikely, and even if she does they would have to accommodate her busy schedule. If Dobrev has become this big of a star since Vampire Diaries, what does that say about the rest of the remaining cast?

Should she return for the final season of Vampire Diaries? Who is the biggest star right now on the show?

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