‘Nightcap’ Gets A Season 2 Renewal


Nightcap is coming back for a season 2, amazing news considering the series premiere is on November 16th. Pop could be thinking that this is going to be their own 30 Rock, which is very much a possibility. The ten episode order for the new season should make Ali Wentworth and company very happy about their future on the network. As a premiere original series on the network, Nightcap could turn into the flagship series that Pop has been looking for.

The show is about a talent booker that works around the clock for a late night talk show. She will be in charge of some of the most outrageous celebrity guests and their crazy demands, some which go well beyond her job description. The show is a perfect setup to showcase different celebrity guests per episode, so be prepared for a lot of fun guest appearances. When the show premieres on November 16th they will air two episodes in one block. This will give viewers a good idea of what to expect from the show, with the two first episodes featuring Sarah Jessica Parker, Andy Cohen, Jim Norton, Mark Consuelos, Kelly Ripa, Nate Berkus and Gwyneth Paltrow. You really can’t get any better than that!

At its core this is another workplace comedy that plays on fast paced action and character antics. Ali Wentworth and the celebrity guests can’t carry the show by themselves, so there will be a lot of focus on the background characters. Who will be the second best character? Who will be the fan favorite? If they can answer these questions in the first two episodes, then they’ll have an audience for years to come.

Will Nightcap provide a positive spin on the workplace comedy format? Who will rise to become the fan favorite in the cast?

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