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The Third season of NEXO Knights began on February 4, 2017

S3 Started February 4, 2017

In the tradition of early CGI children’s programming from the 90’s of the ilk of Reboot and Beast Wars comes NEXO Knights. I compare this 2016 offering to its early predecessors because the style has very much remained the same, mixing pop culture references and dialogue with spunky heroes with attitude that are handed different obstacles in every episode which they easily overcome. The setting is the also fairly typical, if ever-interesting, land of medieval surroundings combined with very advanced technology.

It is partially the strong setting, excellent animation, and perhaps most of all, the fame of the Lego characters themselves which become the strongest charms of the series. This last one is especially significant. From video games to movies, there is little digital media that has not been touched by these blocky protagonists and avid fans are sure to appreciate this latest reincarnation of the brand. Despite the run-of-the-mill plots, characters, and dialogue of the show, the familiar designs in this sword-and-sorcery program are likely to bring a smile to the faces of fans who are devoted to the Lego franchise and especially those who enjoyed the eponymous knight-themed toy line released by the company some years earlier.

The reaction to the show on the internet has been about what could be expected from such a show. It receives respectable ratings online from devoted Lego-maniacs, but not a lot of discussion, buzz, or critical love otherwise. The Wikipedia page is fattened up by devoted fans, so it no-doubt has its adherents, but it is too early to say whether or not this show will go beyond a couple of seasons.

One place we can look for answers is similar shows like this. The Danish toy designer has had a finger in every pie as of late, so to speak, and they have cast their net to try and capture many types of demographics. Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu is another offering from the company all-Lego cast and an oriental setting. This series has been running for six seasons strong – an eternity in children’s programming and was nominated for several awards, so Lego is no seedling in the jungle of television. On the other hand, Legends of Chima, a Lego show in a tribal setting only lasted three seasons, although its flame has been kept along in the form of reruns.

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It seems that there is no end to the media dominance of the Lego designs. They have already assumed the external forms of all sorts of franchises and settings in various types of media, from Star Wars to Harry Potter. As a fan, what Lego toy line would you like to see made into a television show, movie, or video game? What popular franchise would you like to see Lego-fied next?

If a new series is to be released after this

latest second, it will surely come next year as there have already been two of them this year. Yet there is no occasion for you to worry if you are a devotee of the medieval adventures of the Lego knights.

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