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No decision has been made as to when production of New Blood Season 2 will resume

Release Date of #NewBlood S2: To be announced

New detective series always make me a little giddy. BBC’s new entry to the genre, a 2016 debutant, has also gotten a lot of other people excited. The series which aired early on BBC iPlayer, the BBC’s online streaming service, clocked four million viewers in its first episode, maintaining close to that number for the rest of the series.

The show brought something new in that the detectives were not the world-weary, cold-hearted oldies that the genre usually brings forward. No Phil McNulty’s, no Luther’s, no “I’ve seen things man” or “I’m too old for this bull”. Rash and Stefan, are young and international, both from immigrant backgrounds. Instead of the antiquated tough guy talk they are energetic, humorous and typical millennials in attitude and style.

Both junior detectives in their own fields, they come together by chance. Arash, or Rash, is a young uniformed constable hoping to become a detective later on. Meanwhile, Stefan is in the Serious Fraud Office, the department usually looked over by screenwriters and producers for its dull content. White collar crime hardly has the shock or appeal of violent and sinister crime.

But they find themselves working the same case through their respective angles, as well as common sporting interests bringing them together. And of course, Stefan has a thing for Rash’s sister.

As mentioned before, the series was broadcast early on BBC iPlayer. This was possible without ruining the flow of the show when it aired because the series is split into three cases, the first having three episodes and the latter two having two each. So the first case story was aired online, with the caption at the end reading, “the next case…”. This managed to wet fans appetite for the whole series, and the case by case approach to the series was a novel and interesting way to air it. It also didn’t stop the feel of continuity, as it was still the same show with the same characters.

Mark Strepan played Stefan Kowolski, while Ben Tavassoli played Rash. Other notable cast members include Mark Addy, Dorian Lough, Anna Chancellor, Ariyon Bakare, Kimberley Nixon, Aiysha Hart and Mark Bonnar. Eleventh Hour productions helped produce the series, with Eve Gutierrez and Jill Green on board as executive producers.

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Writing for each episode was largely down to Anthony Horrowitz, who worked on the first five episodes alone and enlisted the help of Daniel Fajemisin and Marlon Smith for the latter two, the third case episodes.

With the season ending towards the end of July, its still early days for the BBC to decide on a second series. However, with the strong viewing figures it had and the good 7.5 rating on IMDB the show has a lot of weight towards its renewal. The interesting choice of format and the younger protagonists, at least for this genre, also present a possible new formula for the genre. Perhaps people are a little tired of the worn out older detective character? The success of True Detective shows there is still an appetite, but conversely the success of New Blood indicates you don’t need to be old and weathered to be a convincing detective.

The show also had a wealth of humour and new agedness that stands it in good

stead for the future. It’s very London-centric in style and touches on other important social issues such as multiculturalism and affordable housing in London. Both of the main protagonists have housing issues.

What’s got you most looking forward to a potential second season of the series?

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9 months 26 days ago

I dont know why it is taking sooo long for the 2nd season this show is fantastic and the cast is great, please hurry up.

Helen Barberton
Helen Barberton
4 months 27 days ago

I loved this show and will be very disappointed if the bbc doesn’t renew it for another series.

Steve Blount
Steve Blount
1 month 1 day ago

Brilliant series, 2nd season needs to be released asap