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No decision has been made as yet regarding the further production of Neighbours Season 34

Release Date of #Neighbours S34: To be announced

Soap opera Neighbours is currently in the midst of its 33rd season on Australian Channel Eleven. Having become one of the country’s most popular pop culture exports, it has been sold to over 60 countries worldwide, also being extremely popular on the UK’s Channel 5. The show centers around the fictional Ramsay Street, a residential cul-de-sac in the fictional Melbourne suburb of Erinsborough. Created by Reg Watson, the show explores the lives and relationships of the various residents of Ramsay Street.

On top of its exploration of topical issues, while profiling the family problems of the characters, the show is also well known for its regular array of celebrity guest stars. Some of the latest in 2016 are Katherine Kelly Lang, Scott Timlin, and Jamie Lawson, all playing themselves. New plot twists for the latest season include the surprising return of Adam, though why the character is being brought back is not entirely clear.

Many soap operas are often long-lived, established shows, and @Neighbours is no exception. The combination of timely topics, captivating characters, and the traditional drama and intrigue of the genre has led to a final product that has become a pop culture icon in its own right. At the moment, the show has an 8/10 on, 3.2 on Sidereel, and 5.6 on IMDb.

Interestingly enough, despite its long success, #Neighbours is having a bit of ratings trouble. Episodes are currently drawing in episodes an average below 200,000 viewers, marking the lowest point since the show moved to Eleven in 2011. There doesn’t seem to be a clear reason why this is happening, but since the show has managed to last since 1985, this may be just a temporary dip rather than a disturbing sign of things to come.

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#Neighbours’ chances of renewal are likely not so much of an if as it is a when even though its recent ratings decline is a cause for concern in its native Australia. However, even if it is struggling there, it is doing a great job of succeeding in other countries. In a statement to TV Tonight, executive producer Jason Herbison mentioned that “we know that our show is performing really solidly in the UK. We’re not sure why it’s not here [in Australia] but we’re taking a real look at it.” He added, “We’re all trying to figure out what we need to do in order to keep our audience.”

This is a good sign for fans of the show that the people in charge are committed to trying to improve the show rather than let it die off. It’s often common for characters to get retired while new ones come in to

keep things fresh—do you think that this is what the show needs?

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