‘NCIS’ Promotes New Showrunners


Changing showrunners is never a good sign for a show, but NCIS had no choice when longtime showrunner Gary Glasberg passed away. Glasberg was a big part of keeping the show relevant when many thought it was past its prime. He joined in season 7 and was so good that they even added executive producer to his credits. He spearheaded the NCIS: New Orleans spinoff and has been an important member of the NCIS family for years.

In his place the show will promote two producers for co-showrunner duties. George Schenck and Frank Cardea will step in, and they aren’t exactly strangers. Both have been with the show since the first season, and even before that they have been writing together as a team since 1977. There is a lot of shared history between the two, and with NCIS alone they have written 50 episodes. They know the drill, so this is the best option for the show to keep things moving without dramatically changing the pace of the show.

NCIS is a by the book procedural, one of the many that has made CBS the rock that it is now. Even after losing Michael Weatherly, the show has championed on and been a ratings winner for the network. Criminal Minds by comparison was hit with so much drama that it is still recovering, something that a solid foundation like NCIS is not familiar with. Even if it is sometimes maddening how formulaic these shows are, their ability to not rock the boat and deliver what the viewers want should be admired. NCIS will be fine with their showrunner change, since it is a well-oiled machine that barely needs servicing.

Is NCIS the most consistent show on television right now? What other show has remained this relevant in the procedural genre on CBS?

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