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No decision has been made as yet regarding the further production of Nazi Secret Files Season 2

Release Date of #NSF S2: To be announced

It is hard to think of any topic in history which sparks as much interest as that Hitler’s Third Reich and especially its military forces. Not only was this a bizarrely barbaric and effective fighting force, but the willingness of the government to dabble in extreme scientific experimentation and in occultism always leaves more for history buffs to discover. The American Heroes Channel (AHC) is bringing the subject matter of exploitative Nazi B movies under the microscope of serious consideration with their 2016 series Nazi Secret Files.

This series is no paranoid examination of rumors and conspiracy theories backed by pseudoscience peddlers as is found in the ancient aliens community. Nor is it a glorification of the methods used by the regime, although military enthusiasts will no doubt marvel at the Nazis’ unrestrained scientific approach to making war. The successes they achieved with some of their programs are balanced with the failures or the irrationality inherent in them.

Each of the episodes deals with different esoteric topics which have not been covered widely in general discussion on the history of World War II but which nevertheless did occur. For example, the first episode’s headline “Nazis on Drugs” is a sensationalist title fit for a cheap exploitation film. The episode makes the claim that Nazi leadership was drugging the soldiers with addictive stimulants. With a little bit of digging, it becomes clear that this actually did happen. Certain soldiers (especially in the front line or those handling military craft) were provided with methamphetamines to enhance their performance. While they did demonstrate berserk strength on the battlefield, many of these soldiers became addicted husks soon after regularly abusing the narcotics.

Due to AHC’s diminutive size as a channel and the fact that this show’s first season as a blip of only 6 episodes, it’s no surprise they haven’t publicly released the ratings for the show. However, they probably saw the clear opportunity in it, given that they gave the six-episode first season a primetime Monday run. As of yet it is unknown whether this will become a series or not. It might be that we will see another season of #NaziSecretFiles or possibly an X Secret Files series modeled after the infinitely luxuriant Ancient Aliens series on the History Channel, which has now run for almost 10 years.

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Whatever the case may be, rest assured that we’ll know about whatever goes on behind closed doors at AHC as soon as they announced it to the world. Whether #NSF is brought back for a second tour of Hitler’s more esoteric projects, whether it decides to delve into someone else’s secret files, or whether it’s cancelled, as soon as AHC makes a public announcement, we’ll let you know. Just sing up for our email notification

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Did you watch this show when it premiered in July? What were you most surprised about learning regarding the militaristic experiments and habits of the Nazis? Would you be as interested if the show focused on the Soviets, in the Khmer Rouge, or on other secretive military forces? Which was your favorite episode? Let us know your opinions down below.

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