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The 23 season of the Action & Adventure series Naruto: Shippuuden was originally broadcast on October 20, 2016

S23 Started October 20, 2016

The action-packed international favorite anime series Naruto Shippuden is currently in the midst of its 22st season. Adapted from the second part of the popular Naruto manga series by series by Masashi Kishimoto, the season premiered in March of 2016 and is currently ongoing on the TV Tokyo channel.

A continuation of the original Naruto anime, the story is based around Naruto Uzumake, a teenage ninja who’s goal is to become Hokage, the strongest of all ninja warriors. The memorable characters he encounters and stunning action sequences, combined with the original manga’s fanbase, have turned this show into a full-on phenomenon. Video games, novels, a trading card game and even several full-length movies have come out, all based around this hot property.

During the latest season, some of the major plot points are Naruto and Sasuke meeting the Sage of the Six Paths, the activation of the Infinite Tsukuyomi, as well as the ongoing battle against Kaguya Otsutsuki. Aside from the main story, there is also a side plot of Sasuke’s older brother Itachi, chronicling his time in the Leaf Village and the beginning of his training among the Akatsuki.

To date, the character development and action that are the hallmark of this series has still been praised, especially among the passionate Naruto fanbase. The only negatives that have come to prominence from some are the recurring presence of “filler” episodes. Often episodes that either drag on a middling plot point or don’t have major significance at all, some fans complain that these only serve to pad the series. Despite this complaint, even some detractors are quick to say that when the show is on point, it’s still as much fun to watch as ever. Do you find that filler episodes are a dealbreaker for watching an action-oriented show like Naruto Shippuden? Or do you think that having gaps in between these heavier moments is better for the plot?

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While another season has not been formally announced, the combination of the show’s popularity as well as plenty of material remaining from the original manga to adapt makes a renewal all but certain. What may be a bit more difficult, however, is finding an English version, if you are trying to look for one. While Adult Swim’s Toonami began airing uncut episodes in 2014, these are well behind the Japanese version. In addition, English DVDs have only reached the 16th season, to be released in October. As a result, those who are not willing to find episodes with subtitles will find themselves behind. Do you prefer watching the show in

Japanese even if you can’t understand it fully, or are you willing to wait for dubbed English versions?

Japanese DVDs of the show have come out in February of 2016, and can be found under the title of the title of Infinite Tsukuyomi: The Invocation.

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