‘My Bad Parent’ Is Newest Project On Fox


The new family comedy My Bad Parent is heading to FOX courtesy of John Krasinski, who will be one of the producers attached. The Office alum will executive produce the series while also starring in the upcoming Jack Ryan series. He has been one of the hardest working original cast members of The Office, even before the series came to an end.

FOX has ordered the script with a plus penalty, but the material is so good that it may move forward quicker than expected. Family Guy writer Alex Carter will be penning the series, and already has a lot of material to work with. My Bad Parent originally started as a book and a blog, so the foundation is in place for Carter to make it into a special television adaptation.

The show will be about a blue collar family with the usual blunt working mom and son going through phases. If the mom is anything like Jane Kaczmarek was in Malcolm in the Middle, then it will be a surefire hit for FOX. There is no word on what personality type they will stick the dad with, although this will be one of a handful of comedies about a single child family. It will be another single cam comedy in a sea of hundreds, but has a unique approach to the blue collar family dynamic.

Surprisingly, this will be the first Krasinski executive produced major broadcast series. His credits as an executive producer off of major broadcasting includes Dream Corp LLC and Lip Sync Battle. And believe it or not, he is the co-creator of that series! With an alternating interest between film and television, Krasinski’s star will keep growing as he becomes the next A-list star.

What do you think about the premise of the new series? Will it stand toe to toe with FOX’s best?


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