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CBC is yet to decide if Murdoch Mysteries will be back for another season or not

Release Date of #MurdochMysteries S11: To be announced

The forensic detective has always had a seat at the table of entertainment since Sir Arthur Conan Doyle invented and popularized the character of Sherlock Holmes. Since then, the perceptive investigator has been featured in every type of media and in every generation. This may not always be the genius mind that was in the spirit of the Sherlock Holmes franchise. The greatest success has been found lately by shows like CSI and Hawaii Five-0, which are essentially adventures in forensic investigation with more humdrum human beings taking the cases a lot of action involved. These shows are perennials on network television, often spanning over 10 seasons and featuring prominently on top-10 lists in terms of viewers.

Despite the triumph of these gritty portrayals of detectives, the artful Sherlock Holmes with his comic book hero fantastical powers of deduction and macguyver-esque foresight in getting out of quandaries has not died out at all, either. Robert Downey Jr. starred in two blockbusters with such a protagonist in recent years and Benedict Cumberbatch even now does the same on television to high acclaim. Murdoch Mysteries features a lesser known Canadian variant of this archetype named William Murdoch.

He is Downy Jr.’s Sherlock Holmes in all but name. The world he inhabits is a steampunk world. At first glance, it looks attractively like early 20th century Canada (which looks a lot like early 20th century England). We come to see that Murdoch the detective is an independent spout of marvelous inventions that we vaguely recognize as our recent technology with a 19th century accent.

This all seems to go over well with the audience. The show has already lasted 10 seasons on Canadian broadcast television, which means that its drawing power is high indeed. Users are as content with the series as the general public is with other long-lasting police investigation dramas. It currently holds an 8.1 out of 10 on IMDb. People are also still tuning in in droves to watch the show even after a decade on the air. The last season, season 9, received about 1.5 million viewers per episode. By US standards, this is scant, but in Canada it is a high number. The Amazing Race, the country’s most popular show, typically gets between 2.5 million and 3 million viewers on average per season.

Cast and production team members were recently interviewed regarding the 10th anniversary of the show. The actors who play lead characters William Murdoch and Julia Ogden are very positive about the show’s future, stating that the show only seems to be getting better and more popular. Significantly, they also seem to be thankful for their roles and don’t seem to show any signs of wanting to distance themselves from it. Yannick Bisson and Helene Joy were struggling actors before they signed on for #MurdochMysteries. Now they are household names in Canada with a steady paycheck.

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Season 9 is said to be this sleuth series’ best in terms of ratings, so it hasn’t plateaued yet. The quality of the acting and plotlines is also still very consistent with what it was early on. It is likely that we’ll get at least another half a decade out of this one. The announcement for the 11th season should come shortly after the end of the 10th season. In the meantime, you have several more months of Murdoch episodes to keep you occupied.

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