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The fate of Murderers and their Mothers Season 2 remains up in the air

Release Date of #MtM S2: To be announced

Mommy Dearest.

Ever wonder how serial killers grew up? What could have happened to these people to make them capable of such brutal repeated murders? Some might say it is in their up-bringing, that their parents must have something to do with it. That’s what this new show explores, the eerily dysfunctional dynamics between Murderers and their Mothers.

This series is the newest in a string of challenging shows put out by CBS Reality, a “UK factual entertainment channel” that is not afraid of exposing difficult subjects like this. In cooperation with Foxtel Australia, Emporium Productions and DRG, this ground-breaking series investigates some of the most shocking cases of serial killing in the history of the UK (and worldwide). Host Donal MacIntyre, known for the hit series, Donal MacIntyre: Unsolved, presents 10 episodes during this first series, each are one-hour segments that dive deep into existing cases from headlines passed.

New information about the killers, their chilling childhoods, and their matriarchal mayhem are revealed, combining theories from criminologists and insights from psychologists. Donal consults Dr. Elizabeth Yardley throughout the episodes, and she offers her expert opinions about the heinous true crime stories. She is the Associate Professor of Criminology and Director of the Centre for Applied Criminology at Birmingham City University.

Emma Read, Emporium Productions Managing Director, explained: “This chilling series brings fresh revelations into the terrible minds of murderers through their extreme and dysfunctional relationships with their mothers. We are thrilled to be working with CBS Reality on such a ground breaking and thought provoking series.”

#MurdererstheirMothers premiered on CBS Reality on May 15, 2016, and it aired six episodes, with the following convicted killers presented: The Coronation Street Killer (Daniel Bartlam), Killer Couple (Fred and Rosemary West), The Wolverine Killer (Jed Allen), The Angel of Death (Harold Shipman), Frankenstein (Joachim Knychala), and The Kindly Killer (Dennis Nilsen).

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The final four episodes aired later in 2016: The Lone Killer (Robert Black), The Vampire of Bytowa (Leszek Pękalski), The Sandy Hook School Shooter (Adam Lanza), and The Iceman Killer (Richard Kuklinski). Poland will be airing the show in autumn 2016 on CBS Reality as well.

Fans of the show can take the investigation even further by checking out the series podcasts. There is one for each episode that airs on CBS Reality, offering 30 additional minutes of analysis from experts, and they are also hosted by Donal. All podcasts are available for download for free on iTunes.

As of this writing, there have not been any official announcements about future episodes, indication of a second series, nor any hints at the viewership or success of the first series. It may be a few more months before the production teams make a determination about this show.

Have you watched all of the profiled episodes of this first series? Which of the killers (and their mothers) creeped you

out the most? What did you think about the quality of the information presented in the podcasts?

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