‘Murder in the Heartland: In Cold Blood Revisited’ Ordered By Sundance TV


Sundance TV is digging up some really old history with its take on In Cold Blood. This isn’t some half-baked adaptation, but instead a full on exploration of In Cold Blood, and the main crime that made the Truman Capote book so famous.

There have been many adaptations of the work including the 1967 film starring Robert Blake, Scott Wilson and John Forsythe. It was a major hit that holds up well even by today’s standards. Then there was the less than stellar mini-series in 1996 starring Anthony Edwards, Eric Roberts and Sam Neill. It wasn’t bad, it just so happens that the previous movie was gold and the miniseries was bronze. All of that is changing because of the way Sundance TV is doing the series, in more of a documentary style that mimics modern day crime drama standards.

The entire project is produced and directed by Joe Berlinger, with a strong promise to go deep into the 1959 murder of the family involved in the incident, and the convictions and executions of those responsible. In Cold Blood is such a tantalizing story from beginning to end and has Berlinger excited about the prospects of the finished project. They are going all out with the series, as evidenced by Sundance TV’s recent acquiring of the rights to the original film.

They will no doubt use clips and soundbites from several sources when explaining the social impact of the crime. And there may even be a full run of the movie before or after the series airs. Either way, Sundance TV has their hands on one of the hottest crime properties of all time, and plans on putting it to good use.

Will this be better than Making a Murderer that aired on Netflix? What did you think of the original movie and miniseries?


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