Murder Chose Me


Investigation Discovery (ID) has greenlit the show Murder Chose Me, which is to be produced by Jupiter Entertainment. This show follows a homicide detective Rod Demery, as he races against time to catch criminals in Louisiana. Catching criminals in one of the most dangerous places in America is always a challenge, but with 15 years of experience and a personal connection to solving crimes this detective has the edge.

As of this moment in time, the show has just wrapped up shooting in May in Knoxville, TN. The show was looking for extras for a funeral scene and was seeking out African Americans from Knoxville and surrounding area. The cast for Murder Chose Me episode 1 can be found on IMDb, and includes:

– Ozzie Carnan Jr as Charles Edwards

– Darone Okolie as Tarance

– Kevin Wayne as Big Mike

– Rick Bucy as Detective Supervisor

– Lunden De’Leon as Rod’s mother (recurring)

– Rachel Mae Moor as a News Reporter

– Wenzell Washington as Martin Lawson

When Will Murder Chose Me Premiere?

The first episode of this series is expected to premiere sometime in early 2017. According to the press release from ID in January. IMDb has revealed the names of the first three episodes, which are all based on real-life cases in the south. From the vicious murders in Shreveport of 18-year-old Tavia Sills, and the shooting deaths of Roshenna Crowder and Drexelle McBride. ID continues to bring their audience shows about real-life people that are full of suspense and drama.

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Do you think you could do what detective Demery does? Are you curious to learn about crimes in the south?

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