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Murder Book Season 3? Fate still up in the air

Release Date of #MurderBook S3: To be announced

“Paul Thomas eats stress for breakfast.” is of the opening lines of the episode Hiding in the Shadows, aired as part of the series Murder Book from Investigation Discovery. And to be honest, this show eats all other true crime docudramas for breakfast.

Many other Investigation Discovery shows focus on specific types of homicides or specific aspects of the investigation process. Examples of the former include Ice Cold Killers and Nightmare Next Door, while some of the latter include I Almost Got Away With It and Motives & Murders. This show is a general murder investigation docudrama with no clear focus. However, what it lacks in specialisation it more than makes up for in production quality.

With a focus on high-quality re-enactments that take up a larger portion of the show, at the expense of witness interviews. Not to say it doesn’t contain plenty enough of the interviews, but the production in the re-enactments and the quality of the acting is what makes this show worth viewing. I would put the script and execution of the scenes up there with the best detective shows of the last ten years.

It also enlisted the star of Dexter, well-known actor Geoff Pierson, as a narrator. The effort that has gone into the production of this show cannot be understated. The stories are captivating as they are well-produced.

This is a relatively new entry to the genre, debuting in 2014. Since then, two seasons have aired to critical acclaim and have seen fantastic commercial success. The first season ran from December 2014 to February 2015, clocking in 10 episodes; while the success it saw encourage the producers to produce a longer second season, airing 13 episodes from November last year to February.

The name comes from the show representing a collection of files and paperwork on the criminal’s activity, combining to create a murder book. Every aspect of the investigation is put on paper, from the initial report to the closing paperwork, and this show works to make the show as enticing as a good book. Many cases are decades-old, and the show meticulously and interestingly brings their details to the TV screen.

Much-loved episodes include The Long Walk Home, which tells of a brutal rape and murder of a high school senior, whose case grew over time but without solving. Three decades later, the headstrong and determined detectives still actively on the lookout for clues found the evidence they needed and the story began to resolve itself. Another is On the Logging Road, which tells of repeat murders on a logging road which lead to a conviction.

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The show boasts a phenomenal rating of 8.8 on IMDB, based on over 100 user ratings. Fans have rightly praised it for its realism, the quality of acting and voiceover, its investigative rigor, and the general quality of production which was emphasised earlier on. It really has to be seen to be believed, and it almost warrants being taken out of the true crime docudrama and being given its own genre, closer to that of a police or detective drama, that happens to be based on a true story. You need to see it to believe it.

While there is no announcement as of yet, we don’t expect the new season to start until December at the earliest, as that has been the case with the first two seasons. Expect an announcement sometime in the next few months. The show has been so well received we can almost guarantee the news soon, and we predict an increase in the number of episodes to around 15 or 16 (as the first two went from 10 to 13).

Geoff Pierson will continue his fantastic work as narrator, while the show will continue

to have strong contributions from well-established actors, not the C-listers you might have seen in some low-quality docudramas.

Are there any significant cases that you would like to see covered by #MurderBook in its new episodes? How about any B-list actors who you’d like to see make appearances in the re-enactments, be it as detectives, family or criminals?

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5 months 20 hours ago

I hope that it comes out soon it’s one of my favorite shows