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‘Mr. Robot’ Gets A Quick Renewal


Is this a good thing? USA has renewed their most talked about series for a third season. The first season was such an explosive hit that it received numerous Emmy’s and buzz, but currently the second season has yet to deliver. With only 10 episodes to air in the current second season, the show has lost all of the heat that made it a social media and ratings phenomenon. This is a bit disturbing, and some are questioning the quick renewal.

The problem on USA’s side is that even if they wanted to, they can’t cancel the show. It is a hot property despite the plummeting ratings, and it is still doing the rounds on social media. That it is enough to keep a show on the air, and lack of that is enough to get a show cancelled-just ask Larry Wilmore. There was also this little thing with getting nominated by the Emmy’s for best drama. If USA even talks about scaling back the show it could cause serious damage to their reputation.

Now the problem on Mr. Robot’s side is that the shiny new plastic is off of the show. It is only doing a mid-high 500,000 viewers per episode. And even when factoring in DVR playback, it is not doing that much better than other shows on the network. Showrunner Sam Esmail could be getting overwhelmed by all of the press. After all, this is his baby that he created produced and is in charge of.

Whatever is causing the pacing issues on the show needs to be remedied quickly or there could be a problem. While the network executives have nothing but praise for the show, the downward trend of the ratings is not a good sign.

Why are the ratings dropping on Mr. Robot? Is the second season as good as the first?

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