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CBC has yet to officially confirm the fate of Mr. D Season 7

Release Date of #MrD S7: To be announced

Inside the teacher’s lounge!

Full of cringe-tastic humor, Mr. D is a show for those who love laughing at life behind the scenes of specific professions. Like the American version of The Office, this series takes you into the ordinary inner workings of the school system, joining the school staff in their dramas, and exploiting their ridiculous mannerisms as they interact with one another. Gerry Dee is Gerry Duncan, aka #MrD, the less-than-prepared social studies teacher who taught at Xavier Academy until season 5 on the show. Once he lost that job, he started teaching at an inner city school, something all too challenging for this oddball educator. Gerry was a real-life gym teacher before he turned to comedy, and this series loosely captures his misadventures from that decade of his life.

A+ from reviewers!

IMDb voters rated #MrD at 6.7 out of 10 with over 1,200 votes cast. Not too bad for a simple PG-style comedy show. Viewers love the show for its silly laughs, similar to Arrested Development, The Office, and East Bound and Down (without the vulgarities). Those who love it, acclaim its unique Canadian humor and Gerry’s strong acting skills. Those who hate it, say it is dull, boring, and trash on Gerry’s character for being a jerk.

B- in viewership!

When the series first debuted it was pulling in strong viewership for the network, with 1.23 million viewers catching the pilot episode. Since then, numbers have slowly fallen. Last season, the second episode only grabbed 396,000 viewers. It’s hard to say whether this show will be renewed for a seventh season at this time.

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Study in America!

The biggest news for this show is all about an American version being produced very soon. In 2015, Gerry was connected with Will Arnett to set up the possibility of taking the show to CBS. He didn’t think it would be a sure thing, but it turns out that the deal moved very swiftly. CBS has confirmed the planning of the project, but there hasn’t been any other confirmations, including a pilot script or lead actor possibilities. Gerry is currently executive producing the show for CBS and even has the same agent handling the transition as Ricky Gervais did when his version of The Office jumped the pond from England. While there is no firm date for an American release on CBS yet, a show this funny will likely be fully greenlit soon.

MD airs Tuesday nights at 9:30pm on CBC, and full episodes are also streaming on You can binge-watch older seasons on Netflix as well.

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