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BBC One has yet to officially confirm the fate of Moving On Season 9

Release Date of #Moving S9: To be announced

Change is Inevitable.

Adapting to change is something we humans should be accustomed to, being that change happens in every breath, but major change still seems to be devastating and shocking when unexpected. Moving On is the wildly popular anthology series that showcases a new situation each episode, demonstrating how different people deal with the changes in their lives.

Showrunner Jimmy McGovern has put together series after series of compelling stories aimed at quickly grabbing viewers and taking them on an emotional roller coaster. Each 45-minute episode carries its own unique flavor of challenging circumstances that anyone could find themselves facing in day-to-day life.

BBC’s controller of daytime television, Dan McGolpin, said of this latest series, “We know that BBC Daytime viewers love to escape into a good story and we’ve got a fantastic mix of both original and acquired drama coming up for them this autumn and next year.”

Series 8 premiered on 7 November 2016 with a gut-wrenching story about an Afghan teen who gets the unfortunate news that he must return to his home country now that he has turned eighteen. Rather than succumb to the immigration authorities, he decides to run, leaving his foster mother heartbroken and confused.

Other stories this season detail a mum who cannot bear the thought of her son leaving for France on a holiday with his girlfriend, so she tosses his passport and lies to her son about its whereabouts, and an aging and alone woman who goes through the tough situation of dealing with money being stolen by a contractor who was recommended by a coworker.

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@Moving has been generally well-received since its inception, gaining wide-notoriety for its quality programming. IMDb voters rank the series at 7.6 out of 10 with nearly 200 votes cast. Viewers comments indicate a general liking toward the storytelling format, being individual short stories, each with their own distinct plot and superb acting. The messages delivered are of average everyday circumstance which allows viewers to connect to the relatable characters quickly. Those who dislike the show, say that it has redundant writing and predictable story arches where the characters don’t really change, they only hint at the possibility of change.

There haven’t been any official announcements from LA Productions or BBC about a ninth series renewal yet, but with the growing popularity of this show there’s no reason to believe there won’t be a new collection of tales airing sometime next year.

#Moving series 8 airs daily on BBC One at 2:15pm from 7 November through 14 November 2016. Episodes are also available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

Have you been enjoying #Moving since its initial series? Which of the episodes did you find most compelling and

well-written? Are there any stories you would like to see McGovern and his production team present next?

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