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History is yet to decide on the future of the Mountain Men for Season 6

Release Date of #MountainMen S6: To be announced

After a long anticipated wait for the fifth season since it premiered in 2012, award winning Mountain Men are back on History Channel and just as lively as ever. Fans were starting to wonder if they’d ever see the grizzly characters again, but were pleased to see the season premiere May 12. It is currently halfway into the likely 15 or 16 episodes for the season, and follows a diverse group of self proclaimed “#MountainMen” who are closer to wilderness than many ever experience. They are spread out across the country, and anyone who can appreciate someone who lives off the land, or enjoy watching an alternate lifestyle to their own should tune in on Thursday nights at 10/9c to see the series.

How are people reacting to the series? 

Those who are able to look past the obvious inaccuracies and the overly acted or scripted portions are able to find entertainment in the series. The individuals featured in the show are indeed characters, each with their own life and own story… and the ability to exaggerate events and act when necessary to keep audiences engaged. For some, this adds a charm to the series that can be described as both ridiculous and entertaining, but for critics, it takes away from the actual trials and tribulations that those living off the land experience. Many of the obstacles they encounter are clearly blown out of proportion, but that adds to the entertainment. It has also been acclaimed for showing diversity amongst the mountain men, with people hailing from all over the country feature on the series. There’s room for improvement, but there are certainly far worse options out there.

Will there be a sixth season of #MM?

The series typically runs on approximately a June through September schedule, which leaves about nine months between seasons, without much guidance as to whether the series will be continued. However, the ratings have remained strong, averaging between 2 to 3 million viewers per episode which is a lot higher than other series that have been on the air a lot longer. That being said, it is a pretty fair estimate that the series will run into a sixth season, as the ratings are solid, and there are plenty more tales to tell.

Is this an educational series?

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For those who are seeking educational content on how to survive in the wilderness, there are far more suitable options on television. However, for those who want to learn about the potential perils of living in the wilderness, albeit in an exaggerated way, MM will deliver hard. The added drama does take away from the quality and educational factor of the series, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be viewed. It looks into the lives of three men and their families in three very different areas and how they overcome struggles they encounter.

Which awards has the series won?

2013 was a solid year for #MM, as it won three different awards. It was awarded the ASCAP Award for Top Television Series at the ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards, and then two members of the production crew, Ronnie Van Zant and Jacob Shea won the BMI Cable

Award at the BMI Film and TV Awards.

What are some similar series to #MountainMen? 

There is no shortage of television series about the great outdoors and reality television focusing on gruff men in contrast to so many of the celebrity reality shows. Yukon Men follows a group living on the Yukon River, Alaska the Last Frontier follows a family also located in Alaska and Woodsmen follows a group living off the land in the Pacific Northwest.

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1 year 3 months ago

When was mountain men on the last show of this season

1 year 1 month ago

Always look forward to watching Mountain Men. It is a much better program than some of the garbage they show on other stations. REALLY MISS IT!

1 year 14 days ago

I love the show

11 months 1 day ago

I was wondering what Eustice will do without Preston?

Tom Murray
Tom Murray
10 months 14 days ago

My whole family will miss Preston

Tricia Howry
Tricia Howry
8 months 13 days ago

I really hope they don’t cancel Mountian Me. There aren’t enough good shows on tv to watch as it is. Please bring it back for many more seasons.