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More ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ Drama


The list of things that Strictly Come Dancing throws at the viewers keeps growing, whether it is negative or positive. This series has been one of the most controversial in recent memory, and just keeps going into weird directions. Rather than making the news for talented dancing and cute moments, there is a focus on all the things wrong with the program. The quality is down, but the show still isn’t out when it comes to the ratings.

Brendan Cole was forced to leave with a lung infection, leaving an imbalance with the rest of the show that had a slew of exits. His recovery is being closely monstered, and through social media he has been keeping up with the fans/show. Now, it seems that an airborne virus is making its way through the studio and affecting all of the dancers. This is some blockbuster movie stuff that is really throwing the producers on the show for a loop.

Anton du Beke, Neil Jones, Aljaz Skorjanec, Janette Manrara and Katya Jones have reportedly been having symptoms of the flu. Cole’s lung infection is flu related, so is this related? Producers have been calling it a crisis waiting to happen, but most likely it is just a ratings grab. Their worries about the other dancers leaving like Cole is highly unlikely to happen.

Strictly Come Dancing has been hit with claims of racism, fixing and even personal drama with the judges all season. The ‘flu’ epidemic with the other dancers is a good way to play with the viewers, and quite brilliant. As long as the other dancers don’t decline in health with a serious condition like Cole, then things should be looking up for the program. Even without the flu stunt, they are still considered the best celebrity dancing competition on television.

Do you think the flu hysteria has merit? What did you think about the last elimination?

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