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Monica the Medium Season 3? Fate still up in the air

Release Date of #MonicaMedium S3: To be announced

Monica the Medium is an American reality television series that airs on the Freeform Network. The show originally premiered on ABC Family on August 25th, 2015. Midway through the first season, it was announced that the show had been picked up for a second season that premiered on the Freeform Network on April 25th, 2016.

ABC Family became the Freeform Network in January of 2016 after the ABC network went through a promotional rebranding in order to target a more specific audience. The series focuses on Monica Ten-Kate, who is currently a student at the University of Pennsylvania and has a self described ability to be able to “communicate with the dead”.

Can you tell me more about the premise of the show?

Monica Ten-Kate is a student at the University of Pennsylvania and a medium who communicates with the dead. She never fully accepted her ability to communicate with the other side until she reached college. Now that she has embraced her natural talents, she is using her ability to communicate with her clients help to reconnect with their lost loved ones. Her ultimate intention with her work is to “deliver healing messages from the afterlife”. Each episode of the series tells a different story of the people that Monica has come in contact, which she is helping to contact those in the other realm.

Is Monica Ten-Kate for real?

Do you believe in mediums or psychics or do you think they are all just a scam? Do you believe Monica is just faking it? Or do you believe there are some people who can legitimately connect with those in the other realm? Of course, we will never truly come to a solid conclusion on those questions because everybody has different styles of thinking and schools of thought. The show is indeed broadcast as a reality show, which has many people scratching their heads.

What does Monica have to say about this?

Monica admits that she come across many skeptics in her path. Apparently, a blog run at Penn State featured Monica, her talents, and her television show and Monica and her team asked that they pull it to correct a few errors. Their response? “She was absolutely right. There were significant errors in our piece. Instead of reporting critically, we presented her implausible assertions at face value, and implied that Ten-Kate can actually speak to the dead”. Ouch!

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Despite the non-believers, Monica stands by her talents. She shared in an interview, “So I really did not share it or open up with everybody about it out of fear of people thinking I was crazy. It wasn’t until the beginning college, that I came out of the medium closet”.

What’s next?

Monica Ten-Kate is concluding her senior year at Penn State this spring. Rumor has it; she is packing up her bags and heading out west to San Diego with her best friend and her puppy. She will be taking classes at MiraCosta College. She moved west because she loves the vibes of San Diego and she now is able to support herself abundantly with the success of the television show and the amount of requests she is receiving for readings.

We are already looking forward to season three of the show! We’re wondering what could happen as Monica dives out in to the real world is able to test her talents in a more diverse setting. Who will she meet? What sort of spirits will she talk to? What sort of messages will she send or receive? We haven’t received the official announcement yet that the show will be renewed for season three, but we are

feeling very hopeful. The show has been quite popular so far, and we can only imagine that the show will get even more interesting as Monica’s popularity grows!

What do you think of the show? Do you believe in Monica’s talents? Are you a fan of shows about the paranormal? Do you consider this a reality series or not? Weigh in and let us know your thoughts!

Please check back in for an update on season three!

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Teri lynn
Teri lynn
9 months 1 day ago

Love to watch Monica, hope there is more to come.

Cheri Lynn
Cheri Lynn
8 months 4 days ago

i have watched each show twice. i really hope it comes back on. I believe she has a real gift and it is interesting watching her grow into it. She is great