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Mom Season 5? Fate still up in the air

Release Date of #Mom S5: To be announced

Mom came back for the fourth time, but this season is off to a bit of a rough start in the ratings race. The Chuck Lorre (The Big Bang Theory) tri-generational sitcom has a strong fan following and may still be able to pull it together for a fifth season renewal.

At the end of season 3, Christy (Anna Faris) was going through the woes of applying and trying to figure out how to pay for law school. After some nudging from Marjorie, she applied for some scholarships and won one. To help her daughter out with school expenses, Bonnie (Allison Janney) sells her granddaughter Violet’s (Sadie Calvano) wedding dress. Also, Christy has been sober for three years and got to enjoy a clean birthday. Christy and Bonnie continue to bring a sense of total vulnerability and fragility to their difficult realities.

This season, Violet has to move back in with @Mom due to some bad choices, and her brother Roscoe tries his family’s patience by trying marijuana. Bonnie’s squeeze, Adam (William Ficthner, now a regular this season), returns home from Croatia and challenges Bonnie’s sobriety by drinking way too much in front of her. Also, Aunt Jeanine (Rosie O’Donnell) is back and doing her best to convince Christy to quit college (already!) and try her hand a real estate instead.

Critic reviews have been mostly positive for the show, with Metacritic reporting an overall score of 65 with more than 25 reviews. Many have stated how the cast is perfectly matched to the plot, and everyone is able to deliver jokes with impeccable timing, even when something wasn’t written as a joke. While the subject matter is more suited for a drama series, keeping it light and comedic helps audiences swallow the difficult pills of the characters’ lives.

IMDb voters rank the series at 7.1 out of 10 with over 15,500 votes cast. That is nice and strong for a mostly female-driven comedy. Viewer comments say that the show can have some very funny moments and they absolutely love the actors’ performances. However, some viewers feel that the subject matters of teen pregnancy, drug abuse, and alcohol addiction are nothing to laugh at, bringing the show closer to a network sitcom version of Showtime’s Shameless.

The potential longevity of this show can be seen in the average viewership numbers for each season. With the debut episode kicking things off nicely with nearly 8 million viewers, and the first season earning an average viewership of 8.34 million.

Season 2 saw a huge uptick in viewership, with the premiere getting 11.13 million viewers and ending up with an average of 11.79 million. Season 3 took a down turn, but was still higher than the first, with an average of 9.64 million viewers.

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This new fourth season premiered on October 27, 2016, and ended up with a demo rating that was down 0.5 points from last season. Even after the NFL adjustments were posted, the show only cleared a 1.5 rating, with a low 7.02 million in viewership.

CBS has not made any official announcements yet about a fifth season renewal nor potential cancellation, but the show would have to continue its downward slide to get the axe. It may have a nice safe spot in its current time-slot.

#Mom airs on Thursday nights at 9pm ET on CBS.

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