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The Second season of the Action & Adventure series will premiere in May 2017

Release Date of #MTLCN S2: May 2017

The release date may be pending, but Nickelodeon have officially renewed Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir for a second season, and it has been hinted that a third season may also be in the works.

It was also mentioned in a tweet by one of the show’s writers recently that the second season will consist of 26 new episodes, and if a third is confirmed then it will consist of the same number of episodes.

It is no shock that the series has been renewed, as fans took to the characters from #MTLCN instantly. The French CGI-animation action and adventure series originally debuted in South Korea on September first 2015, with Nickelodeon airing the premiere in the United States on the 6th of December 2015.

Marinette and Adrien are classmates by day and superheroes by night, completely unaware of each others’ superhero identities. It may not be a unique formula, but parents of young teens are appreciating a show where pre-teen characters share the awkwardness and self-consciousness of people of that age, while simultaneously having an outlet where they can exercise their power by fighting crime and saving the world. What’s more, in real life they are a nice pair of kids, not bitchy or rude as so often pre-teens are written in other shows aimed at that specific demographic.

There is a bit of lighthearted unrequited love between the two main characters, but it is of the sweet and innocent variety. At school Marinette (Ladybug) crushes over Adrien (Cat Noir), who doesn’t return her affections, but when they are in superhero guise, unaware of each others’ real identities, Cat Noir crushes over Ladybug.

It is a pity that, like Wonderwoman, another crime fighting female superhero, Ladybug gets her power from accessories. In the case of Wonderwoman it is a tiara and other jewelry, Ladybug wears earrings which grant her luck, as long as she uses that luck altruistically. But it is good to see that the pair of superheroes rely on their brains more than their brawn. There are action sequences, but they are not very violent and don’t last very long either.

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The two are not exactly a team, but they do seem to pitch up at the same place and the same time when they are needed. MTLCN takes place in Paris, exposing kids to many of the well known sites of one of the most visited cities in the world.

The series was originally aimed at older teens and young adults, with contemporary political issues woven into the plot. But the networks were not onboard, as there was a risk that some of the topics might become controversial, so the series was reimagined for pre-teens. #MiraculousTalesLadybugCatNoir was also originally supposed to be realized in an Anime style, but the CGI animation is slick and suits the agile quality of the two crime fighters.

There are a number of reasons that pre-teens are tuning into the show. Firstly, they love the chemistry between the two characters. Another popular element is Ladybugs adorable little sidekick. But

possibly the aspect that draws in the demographic the most is that the two characters are equals in every way, they fight alongside each other and are equally quick-witted, agile and of strong moral fiber. Overall good role-models for pre-teens in a world where they seem to be lacking for this age group.

Have your pre-teens been watching the show? Will they be glued to the TV screen when the second, and hopefully third, seasons air?

Get ready for the Miraculous Ladybug Christmas Special! The international air dates are set up like this: France (December 11th), Germany/Austria/Switzerland (December 22nd), Spain is TBA, Latin America will have the airing the week of Christmas and USA will be the week of December 19th.

UPDATED September 2, 2016

The hot animated action series Miraculous will premiere season 2 on May 2017! Disney Channel UK and Zag were proud to announce the news as they look to take the series to the next level!

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UPDATED July 23, 2016

Save the date, Nickelodeon have confirmed that Miraculous Ladybug will be returning on August 6 with a 2 part origins special.

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3 months 4 days ago

its still hasn’t been up on Netflix I mean season two of miraculous lady bug and cat noir and its 2017 I’m seriously pissed this sight is a ling piece of trash don’t believe it ……

3 months 4 days ago

its still hasn’t been up on Netflix I mean season two of miraculous lady bug and cat noir and its 2017 I’m seriously pissed this sight is a ling piece of trash don’t believe it ……