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No decision has been made as to when production of Mine Hunters Season 2 will resume

Release Date of #MineHunters S2: To be announced

Digging around for something exciting to watch? Then why not tune into National Geographic’s Mine Hunters. The show – which premiered on 18th January 2016 and consists of eight episodes –is an American documentary and reality television series that follows popular gem hunter Guy Clutterbuck and his specialist crew as they search for the rarest and most precious gemstones in the world. This adventure-style journey sees the team globetrotting to the most remote of places, and delving into the deepest and darkest mines on the planet, all in the hopes of securing those big-ticket stones.

Mining is a point of contention for many people, with the Blood Diamonds of Africa making many shy away from supporting the industry. However, Clutterbuck and his team have no interest in any shady dealings. They are keen supporters of ethical mining and ensure that they only work with local miners and with the permission of both local authorities and the landowners; with anything they find being split evenly with all involved. So you can watch this one guilt-free!

So what exactly is the format of this show? Well, each hour-long episode sees Guy research potential mines where there are likely to be precious stones, and then the camera crew follow him and his team as they go deep underground in a single location to search for a specific type of gem, including artic rubies – found during the short summers of Greenland, and Zambia – where the purest form of emerald is rumoured to exist. Guy certainly has the credentials to make his searches worth watching. The gem expert has a wealth of experience in the field, garnering over 30 years in procuring and selling precious gems all over the world.

The show concluded its first season run on 7th March 2016, leaving many people hankering for more gem-hunting adventures. So how likely is the show to return for a second run either later this year or next? Unfortunately there is no official word from the studio heads over at National Geographic one way or the other, so we can only speculate. In terms of numbers, the show aired to a 0.458 million viewers with a 0.1 rating for adults aged 18-49, but dropped quite firmly to 0.408 during its second episode. Those aren’t particularly impressive numbers, which doesn’t do the show’s fate any favours. In addition, the show doesn’t even have a rating on IMDB, and information on that site for anything to do with MH is very thin on the ground – again not boding well. However, Amazon’s Instant Video streaming service paints a slightly different story, with the show getting a healthy rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. At this point it is difficult to speak to the show’s fate, but this one really does seem like it has an uphill climb to get a second season green lit.

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There are currently no Blu-ray or DVD versions of #MineHunters available to buy in stores or online. However, you can access it for $2.99 per episode on Amazon Instant Video or $19.99 for all eight – although you will need to have an Amazon account. You may also be able to catch reruns of the show on National Geographic itself, which is Sky: 526, Virgin: 266, BT: 317, or TalkTalk: 317.

Are you keen for another season of #MineHunters, or do you think the show deserves to be buried deeper than the gemstones Guy searches for? Did you have a favourite gemstone that the team found on their adventures? Would you be willing to go deep underground for the possibility of making some serious money, or would you rather leave those shining stones where they are?

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Adrian P
Adrian P
8 months 16 days ago

Not sure how I missed this show on it’s original air dates, but I am so glad to have caught the reruns on NGC! I’ve been an avid Nat Geo fan my whole life and truly love adventure shows, articles, etc., and this show I believe is very much in the spirit of National Geographic, nature, exploration, conservation, ethics. Please make more seasons, people want to watch this!