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Million Dollar Listing New York (Season 6) has been confirmed for 2017, we absolutely can't wait!

Release Date of #MDLNY S6: 2017

Following three real estate agents as they sell properties throughout the Big Apple, Million Dollar Listing New York is a Bravo series now into its fifth season. Following a trio of agents as they deal with some of the pricier listings in the city, they work for commission checks that are higher than some people’s salaries. Fans are excited to see where this takes them, and get inside of more of these Million Dollar Listings in the City that Never Sleeps.

How is the series doing this season compared to others?

When it comes to ratings, this season isn’t looking so hot compared to season 4 which was their second best season premiere. Season four opened with 1.1 million viewers, where season 5 only made it to .99 million. It’s better than the first two seasons, but worst than the two most recent before it, which may be showing a decline in interest people have for this show. The season premiere was the best it’s had so far for the fifth season. Given these ratings, producers may not be too inclined to carry on the show for another season, and are likely waiting to see how the rest of the season fares before making any decisions. If they do decide to keep it around, viewers can expect to see it again in early to mid spring of 2017.

What’s happening in the fifth season of #MillionDollarListingNewYork?

Luis teams up with an old rival in order make sure he keeps his name known as a major role in development. Frederick gets some bad news, and Ryan is trying to find someone willing to broker a listing that is remote by New York standards. When Ryan’s fiancĂ©e interferes with the collaboration between Luis and Ryan, things get even more complicated. Fredrick’s luck hasn’t turned by the second episode when what he thought was a great listing turned out to have a hidden secret. Luis is willing to work with co-listers throughout the season in an attempt to get ahead. Fredrick still hasn’t caught a break by the fourth episode where an old client jeopardizes one of his projects after an unexpected change of plans.

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What’s on the horizon for the next few episodes?

The tables may turn for Fredrick when he is offered in on a development offer, and in doing so, he conjures up the spirit of a dead icon. Ryan is working hard to please a buyer, and then adds a new penthouse to his repertoire that seems like it will only remain a hassle. Luis’ hard work seems to have paid off in order for people to know he should stay on their radar, as he is the first in line for a property in Tribeca, but as his attempt to get involved with it fail, he gets right back up again. The episodes are filled with plenty of highs and lows not to miss.

How are viewers reacting to the current season?

While the numbers may not be as high as previous seasons, the people who are watching love it. Although many of them complain of the seemingly scripted lines, viewers have found Luis to be the most genuine and passionate of the bunch,

and it really comes through in the fifth season with his dedication to work hard and finish on top. Many people have also commented on how the show has improved over the seasons, much to the credit of Luis replacing Michael Lorber after the first season. There are enough unusual situations to keep people entertained from one episode to the next, and the three different personalities of the agents keep things interested and viewers engaged.

Season six is now a real thing for Million Dollar Listing New York thanks to Bravo Media! Ratings have been up this season and the show fits in perfectly with the recent expansion of the network.

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