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Bravo has yet to announce the fate of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles Season 10

Release Date of #MDLLA S10: To be announced

Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, formerly known as Million Dollar Listing, is a reality series currently in its 9th season on Bravo. The show covers the lives of four real estate agents based in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and Malibu, California as they sell high-end properties. In addition to their professional work in the world of expensive real estate in Los Angeles County, we also get a look into the drama and excitement of their personal lives.

At the beginning of the latest season, the newly single Josh Flagg is acting as a mentor to a teenage buyer with an eight million dollar budget for an after-school creative haven. However, old rivalries flare up when the client falls Josh Altman’s multi-million dollar listing in the Bird Streets. This leads to them facing off for the first time ever at the negotiating table. At the same time, David Parnes and James Harris are desperate to keep the biggest listing of their career from slipping away. Madison Hildebrand, on the other hand, is trying to deal with a seller with cold feet.

The show’s critical reception has been decent, with a 5.6 IMDb rating and 7.1 on Ultimately, the show seems to be heavy on the drama elements of a reality show, while lacking in insight on the business end of realtors. While some may consider this as “trash TV,” the formula has translated into some success, with three spin-offs, including Million Dollar Listing New York, Miami, and San Francisco.

Ratings for the latest season have are not looking that strong, sadly for fans of the show. At the moment, the 9th season premiere had 0.88 million viewers, a marked drop from the 1.044 at the start of last season. Granted, this may grow over time, but until the season ends, it will be hard to see if this is a matter of just competition or a downward trend.

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At the moment, though the show may be having a bit of a ratings nadir, the season has just started, so fans of the show should not be worrying just yet. After all, the show has been around for nine seasons and launched a successful brand, not quite up to the level of The Real Housewives series, but in the same vein. It will likely take more than one poor season to take the show off of the air. Also, there hasn’t been a great deal of critical reception for the show yet, so the season could certainly improve.

Past episodes are available streaming on YouTube, iTunes, and Amazon Prime Video. If

you like, you can also go on Hulu and the Bravo website to watch.

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