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Million Dollar Contractor Season 7? Fate still up in the air

Release Date of #MDC S7: To be announced

Expensive, But Worth It!

Stephen Fanuka is way more than a dynamic host, he’s a high-quality contractor to the stars who believes in hard work and craftsmanship above all else. There are so many home improvement shows out there to choose from, and Million Dollar Contractor is a series that is way more down-to-earth than the title leads one to believe, all because of Stephen and his fine attention to details.

Yes, the renovations are elaborate and costly, especially compared to other shows on the DIY network, but the designs are stunning and unique, and they often appear way more expensive than they end up being. Stephen and his team are not afraid to get dirty on these jobs, and his Twitter account is full of pics behind-the-scenes where you can see them in the thick of the work. What makes the show are the cleaner looking moments.

Stephen comes from a family of craftsman, his father being a huge influence on his working style when it came to becoming a master-cabinetmaker at the age of seventeen. He mentioned a wonderful story about his first lesson at 7 years-old from his dad, to straighten a bucketful of bent nails while accompanying him on site. This taught him to appreciate every nail, and learn how to hammer them right the first time so he would never have to pull out a bent and wasted nail.

Since those early days, Stephen has built his business the old-fashioned way, through hard work, dedication, and a strong love of the contracting profession. He doesn’t believe in being just like the rest, that is why his clients are happy to pay so much for his work. High-end clients are interested in only the best, and before Stephen gets ahold of the project, the client has already prepared an idea with cutting-edge designers. Stephen compares the hierarchy of his work to that of fine music making, saying, “the architects and the decorators are my composers, my trades are my symphony, and I am the conductor.”

Stephen has done some crazy things for clients over the years, like traveling to Afghanistan to literally pick the stone from a specific mountain, heading to Italy in search of the builder of a home his client wanted him to replicate (only to find that the builder was deceased), and constructing a custom X-Ray machine for a paranoid celebrity’s incoming mail. #MillionDollarContractor has even featured an over-the-top chicken coop, which continues to be a fan favorite.

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IMDb voters rank the series at a 6.2 out of 10 with over 30 votes cast. That’s not a very high score, and viewers are commenting about how there isn’t much DIY on the show, but fans find Stephen inspirational and entertaining nonetheless.

Season 6 premiered on October 25, 2016, and with only five episodes, it was over before some could catch-on. This season, Stephen took on the tough tasks of working for his own wife (in his own house!), and a merging of two adjoining apartments into one (while people still lived in them). Along with kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and a man cave, there is never a shortage of work for this crew.

There haven’t been any official announcements about a renewal or cancelation of this show yet, and with no hard viewership numbers to compare it to, the fate could go either way.

Have you been a fan of this unique renovation series since the beginning? Which of the projects featured on this show has been your favorite so

far? What kind of contract work would you like to see Stephen and his crew tackle next?

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