‘Midsummers Nightmare’ Hires More Actors


Lifetime is really doing all it can to make sure the pilot for A Midsummer’s Nightmare turns into a huge success. Now that the main cast is out of the way, they have powered up the supporting cast into something special. Thomas Cadrot, Anjali Jay and Rhys Ward have been added and will make important appearances on the show.

They will join stars Casey Deidrick, Ellie Gall, Daisy Head and Jake Robinson. Head was plucked away from her recently cancelled Freeform series Guilt, a move that made Lifetime very happy when she became available. Wasting no time, Head was hired and became the main piece of the puzzle for what would be A Midsummer’s Nightmare cast.

The series is about four lovers that run off into the woods in a bid to take their relationship to the next level. What starts out as a simple romp in the woods turns into something supernatural when a dark force seeks to break the couples apart one by one, even going so far as to pit them against one another. What makes the ‘evil’ so interesting is that it uses their own secrets and fantasies against them. There is a real psychological element to the entire drama that will stay with most viewers after it is all over.

Ward will play the twin brother of Daniel, a character played by Jake Robinson. Cadrot and Jay will play the important roles of the two FBI agents that are tasked with figuring out the mystery that took place in the woods. Everything looks like it is falling in place for the show, and Lifetime may really turn some heads when the series ranks high in the ratings.

How will these new hires affect the show’s ratings? Will you tune in to watch A Midsummer’s Nightmare?

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