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The fate of Meet the Parents Season 2 remains up in the air

Release Date of #MeetParents S2: To be announced

Plot/Season Summary
What’s love got to do with it? Nothing, if it means parents get to have the final say. The UKs newest dating show, Meet the Parents, debuted on October 15, 2016, and who better to host this wicked experiment than Holly Willoughby, co-host of This Morning.

Head of Comedy Entertainment for ITV, Peter Davey, said, “I am very excited that Holly is presenting this brand new dating show where the singletons make their decision by meeting the parents first, and I’m looking forward to hearing what embarrassing tales and secrets the parents divulge about their children.”

#MP is a weekly show that will feature young singles who have the hopes of meeting that perfect someone. What sets this show apart from the many predecessors are the parents. The seeker gets to grill mums and dads about their hopeful date, asking anything and everything to find out if they are the one.

Before even meeting them, parents will give away their child’s biggest secrets, their dating records, personal hygiene routines, and all those embarrassing childhood stories. In some respects, this format offers a refreshing way of learning about a person, that is, if the parents are being honest and really do know their child well enough to offer this information.

The hopeful dates get to witness their parents spilling all their secrets to a complete stranger, and if they happen to cross a line, they get one call to speak with their parents and try to set it right. All of this happens before dates ever see each other.

Once the parental interview comes to a close, the one doing the choosing must first meet the dates that were turned down based on the parents’ information alone, before meeting their ultimate choice. The question is, will the picker have picked the right one?

There’s no going back on their final decision, as the couple must head straight out on a date from the studio, leaving the ones turned down wondering if the parental wall was their barrier to love.

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Holly has said of the show, “We all know how embarrassing parents can be and nobody knows you better than they do. I can’t wait to hear what humiliating secrets they’ll be revealing and see who will regret leaving their love life in the hands of their parents.”

MP airs on Saturday nights at 7pm on ITV. There haven’t been any formal reviews about the show yet, but early voters on IMDb are not too kind, ranking the show at 4.7 out of 10 but only six votes have been cast so far.

There isn’t any viewership information being released by ITV yet either, and it’s too early to tell if this show will make it to a second season or not. If the parents can keep the entertainment value high as they bear all of their child’s unbearable habits, than it just might have a chance for a return next season.

Have you watched this new dating show? What

do you think about having the parents on the show? Has anybody regretted their choice and picked the wrong date so far?

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